We love the idea of harnessing the virality of Youtube and the draw of it’s biggest stars to help raise awareness for an amazing cause, much the same as the recent and much publicised Ice Bucket Challenge did for ALS (and MacMillan here in the UK). This video, posted yesterday by Youtube Spotlight, has already reached over 100,000 views, and the combined total of views for all the #LaughLearnGive videos will no doubt reach the millions, giving traditional media outlets a run for their money in terms of sheer numbers. 

Moreover, with the rise of text giving and social donation sites as our own, it’s never been easier to give to the causes you care about, and the annotations on Youtube videos can take you from watching an inspiring video to donating to the cause it’s highlighting in a matter of seconds. 

In the future, with the continued rise of social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, social giving is set to become an even bigger part of events such as Comic Relief. Hopefully in the coming years we’ll see more and more innovative uses of viral video raising awareness for causes that deserve our attention, and as sites such as ours help streamline and refine the way social giving works, we’ll all see more and more money going to causes that matter every year.

If you’re planning on giving to Comic Relief this year, you can do so through your favourite social donation site right here

Givey are shortlisted for an award!

Givey are thrilled to announce that our partnership with London Midland to create the world’s first instant employee matching website has been shortlisted for the Institute of Internal Communications award for “Most innovative use of media”.

To see our work in internal communications acknowledged on a national stage is a very proud moment for all of us here at Givey, and we’re excited to attend the award ceremony where, if we’re lucky, we may be leaving with official recognition from a great institution. 

This honour makes us more driven than ever to deliver the best service we can possibly offer, and we’re excited to help even more companies support the causes their employees care about, just as we have for the brilliant London Midland

Wish us luck in the awards, and if you’d like your boss to support the charities you love, get them signed up for Givey for Business :)

Keep posted with Dave’s Twitter for updates on the IoIC awards ceremony, and if you haven’t already, check out the video he made when he met The Queen (!)

Crowdcube Update - Message from Dave

Hey Guys,

This is a message to everyone who has been following our crowdfunding journey, simply to say thank you.

Our Crowdcube campaign drew to a close on Friday 19 April. There are many things that we planned, hoped for and expected that didn’t play out as we anticipated. Ranging from not being able to show our existing VC support or accepting investments from the US, to issues around B Shares and minimum investment amounts … just for starters :)

However, what we have seen is more that 40 awesome individuals put their money where their mouth is and pledge their support to help drive Givey forwards. From Lord Hastings to Aunt Edna and four starving UCL students clubbing together to get one share – every one of these pledges means the world to us. Your support is paramount to us carrying on!

With all reasons aside, we failed against our online Crowdcube target in the 60 days allocated. Does this mean Givey is finished?

No! I’m very glad to say that the Crowdcube element is only one part of our wider funding strategy, and that the offline activity has been going really well. The support from new Angels and our existing investors on this journey has been unprecedented and humbling. All our existing investors are onboard and many more have come out of the woodwork through this tough yet refining process.

We’re still finalising details for the next chapter, and we’ll keep you up to date via this blog. Once we’ve had a chance to reflect fully on the experience of the last 60 days we’ll also share more of our lessons learnt!

Really this note is to say thank you to the supporters, the sceptics, the hardcore forum questioners and those who have simply observed quietly from afar. We appreciate you being a part of Givey’s journey and hope we’ll get to engage with you more in the future.

Thanks again for all your support.

Onwards and Upwards,


Invest in Givey!


It’s been an amazing journey for Givey so far, and the next leg is about to start. If you want to be part of this, and help change the way the world gives, this is your chance! 

Watch Dave’s video and if you like what you see, come support us on Crowdcube! Thanks guys:)

Quick Givey Update

If you’d like a heads up on what we’ve been up to lately, a couple of things have been published this week that sum up our current status quite nicely.

First off, the first ever corporate giving site powered entirely by the Givey API has been launched by one of the UK’s busiest train companies, London Midland. This is a nice example of the kind of work we’re doing to help companies support the causes their employees care about. You can read more about it here or check out the site here. If you’d like your boss to support the charities you love, get them signed up for Givey for Business:)

Also available this week is Dave’s latest TEDx talk. This sums up the Givey story to date - why we’re doing what we’re doing, and what we hope to achieve. If you like what you hear, and you haven’t yet joined our community - why not sign up online and pick a cause to support. And if you’re not following Dave’s exploits on YouTube there’s some cool stuff on there involving paint bombs, overseas adventures and ballroom dancing!

Three opportunities to feel really good about yourself right now.

In the last few days, some pretty amazing people have put some bloody brilliant fundraising challenges on Givey. Here’s just three of them. If you can spare a few quid for the one that impresses you most, you’re almost guaranteed at least a few moments of happy, warm fuzziness:)

Craig’s gruelling threesome for Cancer Research

Caroline’s Big Charity Chop for Macmillan

Dan’s month-long Sobriety Binge for for Crohns and Colitis UK

If you fancy setting your own fundraising challenge for a cause you care about, and even getting your boss to match what you raise, head to Givey and get signed up!

Check out Dave’s Road trip to Romania, and meet Mr Tim - who is doing great work to help families get the housing and education they need.

Fresh ideas for promoting your online fundraising page on Givey

Since launching our fundraising pages a couple of months ago, some amazing things have happened. Choppy lakes have been conquered, marathon PBs have been destroyed, sweaty bodies have crammed into cars for mammoth road trips, and one impressive chap has even given up booze for a month!

Almost everyone using Givey has smashed their fundraising targets, and here are some of their top tips so you too can raise more money for the causes you care about:

1. Pick a great photo

Adding an image to your fundraising page makes a really big first impression - especially on Givey, where your photo is massive!  Try to choose an image that reflects the cause you’re supporting, like this one; or the challenge you’re embarking upon, like this one; or it could show your own cheeky face, like this one. Just please make sure it’s relevant!

2. Tell a good story

Your friends, family and colleagues won’t necessarily donate just because they like you (assuming they do!). These days we’re all busy, probably broke, and distracted by lots of ‘asks’ - so you need to make yours connect. Make sure your fundraising page clearly tells people why you’re supporting your chosen cause, and exactly what you’re doing to raise money - here’s a great example.

3. Tell people all their money goes to charity!

Another bit of feedback our fundraisers tell us, is the importance of Givey not charging a penny in commission. People are sometimes reluctant to give online as they don’t know how much money gets to the charity. With Givey that’s easy - all of it - and telling people this can encourage them to donate.

4. Send personal emails

Once your page is ready, don’t spam people. One of our most successful fundraisers sent a handful of personal emails to his friends and colleagues, before doing a facebook shout out. These emails outlined why he felt each individual would care about his cause - and surprise, surprise, they all sponsored! This also boosted early activity on the fundraising page, helping more people join in over the following weeks when he shared more widely on social networks.

5. Say thank you. Lots.

Make sure you say a big thank you wherever possible to people who support you - in person, in email, on facebook - anywhere and everywhere you can. As one of our fundraisers told us ‘You can’t say thank you enough!’ We’ve got plans to help you do this through the platform soon, as we believe it’s a really important part of fundraising, and we want to help you do it well:)

6. Ask your boss to match what you raise.

With Givey, you can ask your boss to match your fundraising. You’ll see this option when you create your fundraising page, and if you select it, your boss will get an email to sign up for Givey for Business - where they can set a simple matching rule to support you, and any of your colleagues who also actively support good causes.

If you fancy trying a new platform for your fundraising - one that looks great, charges no commission, and can even get your boss to back you - simply sign up online to get started!

Five things companies seem to like about Givey’s employee matching platform


About eight weeks ago we quietly released our Givey for Business platform - a powerful matching engine that allows companies to match the money their employees give and raise for causes they care about.

Since then we’ve had over 40 companies signing up for trials, from tiny teams to massive employers with thousands of staff. We know the platform won’t work for all of them, but we’re getting some encouraging feedback we’d like to share:

1.     Moving away from one corporate charity – scary but we like it

Most companies are using Givey in the way we hoped: to support causes their team care about, rather than to support a charity chosen by the board. Encouragingly, they understand this is a genuine way to engage employees, creating far more value than writing a cheque to a random cause at the end of the year. Some companies still want to support corporate charities as well, so we’re working on this, but first and foremost Givey is about supporting the passions of employees. This creates more value for everyone.

2.     The ability to create authentic social content with our employees

Because bosses are using Givey to support the passions of their team, these individuals are more willing to share this with their social networks. The ‘giving moments’ created through the platform are seen by many as the most important ‘output’ of the platform, carrying the company’s brand to new audiences in a really personal, authentic, and feel-good way. We need to improve the way we track and report on this, but it’s great that companies get how important this is.

3.     The chance for colleagues to discover and support each other’s charity efforts

We’ve been surprised by feedback by some of the larger companies (2000+ employees) who have seen the platform as a key part of improving communications across different teams and sites. By highlighting the personal passions and fundraising graft of their team, and allowing colleagues to easily support each other, many are starting to see Givey for Business as a tool to improve culture and communications across the business. Again, a hard one to measure but we’ve got a few ideas to help with this.

4.     The lack of time, effort, and form filling that is needed to match donations

For companies that already run any kind of matching or sponsorship scheme, the thing we hear all the time is how much admin is involved in making them work. The fact that Givey for Business is managed through a simple online dashboard – and mainly through one simple matching rule – is really going down well. Better than we imagined in fact. It definitely seems that saving time and cutting down on admin is a winner – both for small companies and big employers.

5.     The fact that we sell what our product is now, not what we want it to be.

As a young company with an unknown product, our approach has been to be very honest about the features currently available; and the ones we have planned. This no-BS approach has created some great partnerships, where businesses are actively working with us to fine-tune new features to fit their needs. This response has been refreshing, humbling and extremely appreciated, and is actually helping us progress the platform far better than doing it behind closed doors.

There has, of course, been constructive criticism passed back to us too (bugs in the dashboard, unclear messages around charging, unclear UX on company profile pages); but overall the delivery of Givey for Business is so far living up to its promise – and we look forward to more companies joining us. If you’d like to be one of them, it costs nothing to try, other than a few quid to your team’s favourite charities!

Four good reasons to use Givey’s online fundraising pages.


A couple of months ago we quietly launched our new fundraising pages. One of the first happy punters to test them out was a good friend of Givey, Simon Hanson, who created a superb page to fundraise for his Great North Run efforts for The Cyrenians. Simon smashed his target within 5 days and is currently standing at 195% of his target!

North East tech treasure Oli Wood also created a fundraising page on Givey for his epic Boy Vs Lake battle with Lake Ullswater. Again, Oli smashed his target in 4 days and ended up achieving 112% of his target total for St Mary’s Hospice. Oli also used Just Giving, and so was happy to see a space on his Givey page that could link people to donate there if they fancied.

So what is it about Givey’s fundraising pages that seem to incite really rapid donations from friends and family, and end up with fundraising targets getting smashed? The answer lies, we think, across several unique features that are starting to set Givey apart from other online fundraising platforms:

1. Massive pictures.

Givey fundraising pages are about you, not us, so the whole design wraps around an image of your choosing – one that represents your cause or what you’re doing to help. This makes your page completely unique, personal and impactful - and more likely to illicit an immediate and highly engaged response from those who view it.

2. At least 100% of donations go to the charity.

Once your big picture has grabbed people’s attention, the next thing they’ll see is that Givey takes no commission on donations. Unlike most platforms, 100% of all donations through Givey go to charity. This alone can tip the ditherers into action – and it’s so easy to give (via text, twitter or online) that they really have no excuse! It can even be more than 100% - see below!

3. Donations can be matched by employers.

Even more unique to Givey is our employee matching engine, Givey for Business. This means you can ask your boss to match the money you raise, in return for getting the company logo on your page and in the donation moments you create. Even if your boss says no, everyone who gives will get the same option (to ask their boss, not yours!) – so you can potentially double your donations with no extra effort at all!

4. Easy to share, and plays happily on mobile

And as you’d expect, Givey fundraising pages are really easy to share through facebook and twitter, and it’s just as easy to donate whether you’re on your phone, tablet or desktop. No matter where people come across your page, we make sure it’s really easy for them to support you and the cause you care about.

So if you’ve set yourself any fundraising challenges for this year, or you’re a charity that wants your supporters’ hard-earned pennies to work even harder for you, why not swap your usual donation platform, and give Givey a go instead!

Givey makes it easy to give to the causes you care about. Join us!

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