Why choose Givey?

by Givey Team

5 May 2020
An in depth overview of who Givey are and what Givey strive to be for small charities, fundraisers and donors!

Givey is an online donation platform championing local communities and small charities exclusively in the UK.

Unlike many other donation platforms, Givey is completely transparent on any costs which are part of the process of getting money from the platform to the charities. As you will appreciate, all platforms are businesses and need to cover costs, including processing the money donated through payment systems (payment systems charge fees), maintaining the technology (platform) and paying salaries to a core team. The way that various charity donation platforms cover their costs is not always transparent to the donor using the platform.

Givey believes that 100% of what the donor gives, must be sent to the charity. This allows the donor to see the value of their contribution. Whereas other platforms may recoup costs from the charity without the donor being aware how much has been taken from their donation. Givey are strong believers in being transparent and have a mission to make sure every pound reaching the causes on the ground.

Givey charges ZERO fees to the charity to use the Givey donation platform and receive their donations. Many other platforms charge charities for use of their platform and/or a percentage of the donation as well. There are some fundraising platforms which also take a portion of the gift aid amount. Givey believes such practices are not being transparent to either the charity or the donor. The donor doesn’t know the net that the charity received, and the charity may not realise how much of the platform charges. Givey believes the charity should get 100% of every donation without charge and with no hidden costs for the charity, as that is what we expect every donor would want.

Givey is further differentiated in that we are champions for small charities and local communities, supporting a wide range of good causes. We have raised £2.75m since pandemic for over 4.5K local good causes, with over 150K registered donors and growing. Donations to small charities on Givey average c£30, therefore the donor pays £1.50 (5%) towards costs which Givey believes is reasonable. This small amount covers the payment providers fees which Givey has to pay for each transaction, and helps keep the Givey platform running.

Givey has significantly invested in technology. This saves charities millions in software development costs each year, whilst still providing the charities the online fundraising tools they need to flourish. With no agency fees for software development or ongoing platform fees.

Whilst the Givey Community very much appreciate the situation of global pandemic, Givey are much smaller than their competitors and they survive on a large volume of small donations to support the service provided. 

The Givey Community hope the above gives you comfort that Givey are a Tech4Good company. From day 1 they were set up to exclusively focus on the UK small charities sector and local communities in a transparent manner. Ensuring they save millions of pounds every year on software costs for the charities that they can’t afford, keep up to date with technology and transparently get 100% of the donations made to charities with no hidden costs.

We have been voted three years in a row  2020, 2021 and 2022 by Charity Digital joint best value as an online giving platform. We continue to be champions for the forgotten 95% of small charities where 100% donation goes to the cause on a fee free platform.


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  1. How do I track and trace monies come in and passed on to my Charity. I need a detailed analysis including those donations that have attracted gift aid etc.

    My charity is Loiyangalani Trust

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