Why Choose Givey As Your Charity Donation Platform

by Givey Team

5 May 2020

Here is an in depth overview of the Givey donation platform and community. Including what Givey strive to be for small charities, fundraisers and donors!

Givey is an online giving platform that solely supports local communities and small organisations in the United Kingdom.

Unlike many other fundraising platforms, Givey discloses all fees associated with sending money from the platform to charities. As you are well aware, all platforms function as businesses and are required to turn a profit. This includes processing payments made through payment systems. Which have costs associated with them, maintaining the platform’s infrastructure, and paying the salaries of the core staff. The method by which various platforms for making charitable donations cover their costs isn’t always obvious to the donor who uses the platform.

Givey believes that all donations must go completely to the chosen charity. This makes it possible for the giver to recognise the worth of their gift. Other platforms could take money out of the charity without telling the donor how much was taken. Givey is a business that firmly believes in openness and is working to make sure that every penny gets to the causes that most need it.

Transparency For Donors

Givey charges nothing for the charity to use the donation platform and to gather donations. A fee to use their platform and/or a share of the gift are common practises at many other websites that cater to charitable organizations. Some websites that help with fundraising also collect a percentage of the money given in gift aid. Such activities, in Givey’s opinion, don’t give the donor or the organisation transparency. It’s possible that neither the donor nor the charity are aware of the platform’s cost structure. Givey believes that every donation should be given to the charity in its entirety, free of charge, and without any extra fees. As this is what we predict every donor would want.

Givey stands out even more from the competition since we advocate for small nonprofits and local communities while donating to a variety of deserving causes. Since the epidemic, we have raised £3.75 million for more than five thousand local charities, and we continue to expand that number. Giving averages around £40 to small charities on Givey, so the donor contributes £2 (5%) toward expenditures that Givey deems appropriate. By offsetting the fees that Givey must incur for each transaction with the payment providers, this little sum keeps the Givey platform operational.

A Tech4Good Donation Platform

Givey has invested significantly in technology. This saves organisations millions a year in software development costs. Whilst giving them the online fundraising tools they need to be successful without ongoing platform fees or software development company expenditures.

Even though the Givey Community is much smaller than its competitors and relies mostly on small donations to keep running, it knows a lot about the local communities in the UK.

Using the information provided above, the Givey Community wishes to reassure you that Givey is a Tech4Good organisation. They were founded with the intention of concentrating exclusively and openly on the UK’s small charity sector and local communities. Making sure they keep up with technology, saving the charities millions of pounds a year on software costs, and getting 100% of donations made to charities with no further fees.

DID YOU KNOW? Four years in a row, in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Givey were given Charity Digital’s joint best value award for an online giving platform. Givey continue to represent the 95% of tiny organisations that are disregarded on a platform with no costs.


Resources To Learn More About Givey

  • Visit Givey’s Youtube Channel for a tour of the platform and its functions
  • Visit @Giveyhq on social media to see the community and the actions we take
  • Listen to The Givey Community Podcast
  • Email support@givey.com for any questions or support you need
  • Visit The Givey Community to see our digital services and collaborations with our members
  • Begin fundraising for your charity by simply submitting this form. Then Gemma (Givey’s project manager) will have your charity donation page live within 48 hours.

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  1. How do I track and trace monies come in and passed on to my Charity. I need a detailed analysis including those donations that have attracted gift aid etc.

    My charity is Loiyangalani Trust

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