Best 5 Fundraising Ideas for online Fundraising

by Givey Team

26 January 2022

At the end of every year, nonprofit organizations are looking for new ways to fundraise. With that in mind, here are five ideas that will help you find success in your online fundraising.

1) Start an email campaign with a fun, festive theme.

Emailing people personally is a great way to reach a lot of donors to support your fundraising event. It shows that personal touch that you have passion for your cause. Did you know people are more likely to donate after receiving a personal email. That’s why when you create your email, make it fun and tell a story. This will keep the readers interested in your email and make them more likely to support you. Great ways to make an email fun is by using attractive Fonts, images and colours. Don’t forget to use people’s data to target your emails correctly.

2) Use social media to inspire people to donate to your cause.

We all understand the need for social media and the power within using it to spread your voice. So, use your social media accounts to inspire people to donate to your cause. By posting stories, images, videos etc about your cause and why you feel its important to support. Inspiring people makes them more willing to give. Engaging with people of similar interest with direct them to your cause and fundraising. Consistency in communicating and inspiring people can also increase donations. Social Media is the most popular and most powerful type of marketing so use it well to increase your online fundraising.

3) Create a video or podcast about your organization’s story and share it with everyone you know.

Interacting with people through video and podcasting is another powerful media outlet to share your voice and increase awareness about your fundraising. Creating live videos to show people your story and using podcasts to tell and share your story with everyone is a great way to inspire change, increase donations and gain more support for your online fundraising. People want to hear and see the truth, they want to believe that they can make a difference and so video’s and podcast’s are 1 of the best ways for you to share this with everyone you know.

4) Register to an online donation platform and create your fundraising page to raise donations.

Online fundraising is best done by using a online donation platform to raise donations. In a digital growing world, many prefer to do bank transfers now, then cash in hand, knowing that the donations go directly to the charity. Registering on a donation platform can make your fundraising event easier for you. Its easier for you to share with, its safe and reliable. However, when it comes to choosing which donation platform to use, their are many to choose from. A little research helps in knowing which platform will suit you best.

At Givey, they have been voted joint-best platform for money given to charities in 2020 & 2021, that is because 100% plus Gift Aid goes to the small charity. Its also a fee-free giving platform for small charities. To know which platform is good for you, read Charity Digital’s latest comparison on online donation platforms for online fundraising.

5) Create fun and interesting fundraising activities to inspire giving.

People like to watch events and how people achieve their goals. We found that when you fundraise creatively, donors are more likely to give to see you through your journey. Keeping things fun and interesting keeps donors entertained and so they are more inspired to give. Here are 5 virtual fundraising events you can learn from.

Be sure to do some research in to online fundraising and best practices. Raising money is best done online so you can explore, get creative and inspire change in your supporters. It’s low cost, easy to collect donations and best way to reach a wider audience. The internet offers a wide variety of ideas to reach your audiences and your fundraising goals so try out our 5 online fundraising ideas and be sure to let us know how you got on via our social media accounts @giveyhq.

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