How to use “kindfulness” to help your community

by Neil Mehta

10 May 2023

At Givey, being responsible is interwoven into all we do. This is how we operate a long-term, sustainable company that has a real, positive impact on local volunteer-led communities across the UK, small charities, and their staff.

Givey set out to make donating a core component of who we are while concentrating on local areas where we might have a significant positive influence. Our top philanthropic goals are to build and improve digital channels. Aswell as run successful digital transformation projects, and help your community get better.

The goal of Givey’s reaction has been to provide “holistic” and “hybrid” support. By providing digital tools to frontline personnel and charitable professionals who work for small organisations in order to make a quantifiable effect. In particular in hard-hit areas that are afflicted in many ways. This has strengthened their capacity, provided them access to donors, fundraisers, and volunteers, and assisted with the pandemic’s aftereffects.

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The Givey Community

We have made an effort to be responsive by supporting more than 5,000 deserving local causes. Raising more than £3.5 million in donations from more than 100,000+ people. This has allowed us to make a lasting, meaningful impact on the local communities we serve. Whilst also providing them with the digital tools they need to effectively and freely promote their causes online.

I think that some of the most needy parts of society will need even more help as we move into 2023. This will be hard in many ways, especially for local charities.

The UK community

Older individuals: More than a million senior citizens report going more than a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour, or family member, according to Age UK. This issue will only get worse due to the dilemma with electricity bills and the inflation of the basics.

There are 280,000 homeless persons in the UK, according to the Homeless People’s Shelter. The post-coronavirus has made their already difficult condition worse. So as the economic effects of the pandemic become more apparent, we can expect to see this number increase. In fact, 81% of homeless and refugee organisations have seen an increase in the number of people requesting assistance since the coronavirus.

Those under 30: When it comes to the economic effects of the coronavirus, young people have suffered the most. Many young people are threatened by unemployment, a lack of options, and mental health. The threats to mental health of many young people come from unemployment, a lack of options, and the problems that come with it. We must help this generation in every way.

Girls and women: I am really enthusiastic about the issues of women’s rights, gender equality, and making sure that women support one another. Although much has been accomplished, there is still a long way to go!

Local communities and small charities are twice as likely to have to shut down owing to the pandemic’s lack of funding. Often times, amazing organisations that support our communities are right outside our door but go unnoticed or unappreciated. I urge everyone to look for nearby nonprofits on Givey since they are the sole 2023 champions for these 95% unrepresented local (NFP) communities.

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The Situation

While the coronavirus has properly been the centre of our attention this year, we must not ignore a threat that is probably larger for humanity: climate change. The year ahead, environmental charities have struggled to stand out from the crowd and need our continuing support.

Givey’s community contributions platform is the only way for small charities and local (non-profit) groups to improve their digital engagement, finding sources of truth and useful insights in a world where being digital-first is no longer an option.
Small charities, local communities, fundraisers, and Givey’s contributors (c. 100,000 people and rising) collaborate with one another to strengthen resilience, maximise social impact, and create a better world. Together, we bridge the gap between the current influence and the possible future impact.

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