Small Charities Week With Givey

by Gemma Harbias

18 June 2021

It’s Small Charity Week and, whilst many organisations are celebrating small charities, we wanted to explore why you should take part, why this type of charity is important and how Givey can support them.

Why celebrate this week? 

Running the 14th– 19th June, small charities week exists to help spread awareness and celebrate the smaller charities which exist in the UK. Recognising the essential work these charities do within the impact space to help individuals and wider communities, means that a week of celebration is necessary. Through initiatives such as sharing, fundraising, education and more, the week serves to celebrate these charities, the people who work within them and what they achieve.  

Why are they necessary? 

There are over 136,000 registered small and micro charities in the UK, making up 82% of all charities making a week like small charities week all the more essential. This statistic highlights the need for these charities existence, as whilst small they make up the majority of charities in the UK. Often working more closely with local communities and individuals, they have a more intimate understanding of the challenges facing these people. They also often focus on more niche causes which may not get mainstream recognition. Subsequently, these small organisations become a vital resource for many, making funding for them even more essential. Due to the way they function, they are heavily reliant on a voluntary basis as they lack the funding which larger charities receive. Again, this asserts the necessity of a week like small charities week as it places these organisations at the forefront of mainstream conversation. The overall message of the week being that although small, these charities make a big impact the lives of millions around the UK and the wider world.  

How does Givey help support these charities?

Here at Givey we are advocates for smaller charities and organisations, providing a free platform for them to use to ensure they are raising as much money as possible. Our platform exists to help provide a space which aids in giving these smaller groups a place to function within which we will help to maximise the funds raised for them, widening the range of people they are able to support. Below are few charities on the Givey platform and what they are doing for communities around the world…

Water Harvest – Helping rural communities in India to catch and store rainwater to improve the drinking quality of these communities.

Hopscotch Women’s Centre – An organisation helping women to feel empowered with both their race and gender going on to aid them in maximising their opportunities and achieve their full potential for themselves and their families.

OLLIE  – The OLLIE Foundation provide a range of suicide prevention training as well as wellbeing talks, workshops and community activities. They work both across the UK and internationally.

PAFRAS – Providing support and advice for asylum seekers based in Leeds as well as free meals and consultations to help them.

Bridgend Farmhouse – A community owned Edinburgh based farmhouse existing as an entirely sustainable community which focuses on learning and community development.

Safer Waves – Provides merchant seafarers who have experienced sexual assault or gender discrimination through creating a supportive environment and emotional support.

Whitehawk Foodbank – Helps local people in crisis by providing 3 nutritional balanced emergency food and support to people in the Whitehawk, Brighton area. They have helped to feed 6122 hungry people.

BMEYPP – Helps BAME young people, aged 11-25, engage in projects and activities to support their physical, spiritual and emotional development.

Red Kite – Provides comprehensive services to survivors of historic or recent rape, sexual abuse or violence to enable them to recover and thrive once more in their communities.

The Extra Guest – Supports established international end-hunger projects (Oxfam and SOS Children’s Villages) as well as local initiatives such as Food Banks and homeless and refugee centres to raise awareness of humanity as one family and encourage an ethos of sharing. All donations go directly to those who seek their help.

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