How Companies Make a Difference in the Local Community

by Givey Team

23 September 2022

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR, centres around embracing and giving back to your local
community. Companies throughout the UK are reaping the benefits of making a difference and
engaging with their local causes, plus raising their profile whilst doing so. It is more important than
ever to show that businesses are doing everything they can to be able to give back and support their

Why should your company get involved?

There are many benefits for both local causes and the company in getting involved and making a
real, tangible difference. Our friends at The Buddy Bag Foundation shares with us a wealth of
knowledge and experience of working with companies and individuals in a variety of ways to help
make a difference to local causes.

Through Buddy Bag Packs and BBF Challenge Box incentives, The Buddy Bag Foundation the
experience of working with many companies and their teams who have come together to support a
local cause.

After a recent bag pack event, Ella Blakesley from Law firm, Ashurst said:

Our volunteers thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this event and volunteering their time in such a
meaningful way for a wonderful cause. Karen Williams (Founder) did an excellent job facilitating the
event and sharing how our support would positively impact the lives of children who find themselves
in emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home. We were very moved by the stories that
Karen shared and we are looking forward to supporting the charity again in the future.

The benefits of getting your company involved

Getting involved is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

  1. Make a positive impact in your area

    Getting involved with the local community means you can see the direct benefit of the work you do
    going back into local causes and what a difference it makes to the lives of others within the
    community where you live or work.
  2. Strengthens relationships with your customers

    By supporting your local community, this shows to others including the wider community, your
    clients and business associates that you care.
  3. Encourages employee engagement and attracts potential employees

    Showing that your company can give back into the community makes your company desirable to
    potential employees and with current employees it provides a sense of self-worth, engagement and
  1. Enhances client relationships

    Giving back to the community shows your company in a positive light to your client base and your
    influence can engage other companies to do the same.
  2. Creates brand exposure

    Being part of something bigger than your own company can only strengthen your brand. Your brand
    has the power to create awareness to highlight how other companies can do the same and benefit
    their local communities.
  3. Boosts self-improvement for employees

    Giving your time is a wonderfully rewarding way to make a difference. Not only does it help others,
    but your employees will also benefit. Volunteering increases confidence and provides the
    opportunity to try something new and build a real sense of achievement. It can help teams:

    – Gain confidence
    – Make a difference
    – Meet people
    – Be part of a community
    – Learn new skills
    – Take on a challenge
    – Have fun!

Ruby Illing from the Givey Community Podcast visited The Buddy Bag Foundation during a local
Buddy Bag pack event. You can listen to this episode on our podcast here as Karen takes Ruby on a
tour of all the items which are included in a Buddy Bag of Love and what impact the Buddy Bags
have on the children who receive them.

If you would like to get involved with the Buddy Bag Foundation, you can find out more by visiting
and getting in touch with them via their website.

Written by The Buddy Bag Foundation

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