How To Discover Local Fundraising Opportunities

by Gemma Harbias

27 September 2021

Your local community is a good place to start local fundraising

By raising money in your local area you will be helping out the smaller charities. These charities are often forgotten about so, by supporting them, you are raising awareness about their charity too. So how do you find your local fundraising opportunity?

Events are a crucial fundraising tool for charity organizations, and millennials, in particular, enjoy live events for the sense of community they provide. However, organizing a charity event involves convincing people to turn up and raising the most money possible.

To genuinely engage your supporters, you need fantastic fundraising ideas to entice them to donate to your cause. We’ve developed a list of simple Community And Event Fundraising Ideas ideas to assist you in making your selection. As well as a simple guide on how to start your local fundraising journey!


Where to Start Your Local Fundraising

First, decide what part of your community you want to support;

  • Local Businesses or Shops – to donate, offer gifts or contributions in any way
  • Community Foodbank – to donate food, money, support and volunteer
  • Institutions in your local area – Educational institutes such as schools
  • Local Organisations – clubs and trusts
  • People you know – family, friends and neighbours
  • Local raffles and lottery – see legal requirements
  • Givey Location Feature – To find your local charity go to:

Currently food banks are in a much greater need due to damages in the economy and winter seasons, families are very much in need of food. So if you choose to fundraise for a food bank, you can be sure to find one in your community that would welcome your support.

1.3 Million emergency food parcels were given to people in the last 6 months

Trussell Trust

Next, the location you choose is significant. It is typically the most costly line item in your event budget. Keep your budget in mind, but choose a place that fits your concept. If you’re thinking of a virtual event then scroll down to find our guide on virtual fundraising.

Your Local Fundraising Journey

  1. Marketing – spread the word in your local area to people you may know and businesses. Send emails, leaflets and post messages on social media. Social media is your asset. Use it to publicize your charity event before and after it takes place.
  2. Budget – work out the costs and how much the tickets will be sold for. Keep in mind the bills and all other expenses, big and small.
  3. Legality – Be sure that everything is legal, carry out a risk assessment of the area and check for any regulations or licensing laws that apply to your event at the Institute of Fundraising website .
  4. Gift Aid – Check if you can claim gift aid for your event.
  5. Donation Platform – Choose a donation platform to collect the donations. This is the most efficient and easiest way to collect donations. At Givey, NO fees are charged to the fundraiser and 100% plus Gift Aide will go to your local charity.
  6. Thanking people – send out thankyou emails, personal and messages to all who attended, contributed and donated. You can also acknowledge them at the event. Let everyone know how much was raised and how it will help the cause.

In conclusion..

Keep your event objectives in mind. Engage your community, support contributors satisfied, and develop novel methods to raise donations. Event planning software may assist you in effectively organizing and executing a great charity event concept.

It’s no doubt, supporting your local small charity is the best way to go because you can be close to them, support them regularly, see the impact your making for their good cause and be confident that all the donations you raised will go to your local community.

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