Is Giving Good for You?

by Givey Team

13 September 2021

Did you know that, the average monthly charity giving among the British is £45 ?

Charitable Giving Statistics – 2021 Update | Balancing Everything

The fact that charitable giving can help you feel a sense of satisfaction is common knowledge. But, the benefits of giving extend far beyond this alone.

Giving can be a challenging – especially when you are living on a tight budget. You could easily spend your hard earned cash on a new outfit, holiday or a savings account for your children. But, you can actually get a lot back from giving to the causes you care about. This could be donating items, money or time. The benefits of giving to charity may even be better than the impact of spending money on yourself.

The Benefits of Giving

  1. A Rewarding Experience
    A 2007 study from a professor from the University of Oregon, showed that donating to charity produces a surge of dopamine and endorphins in areas of our brains that feel rewarding. These areas are usually activated by other pleasurable activities like sex and eating.
  2. Better Life Satisfaction
    Plus, another study of two rival views in Germany found robust evidence that volunteers are more satisfied with their lives than non-volunteers. People who lost their ability to volunteer were compared with people who had no change in their volunteering status.
  3. Become Less Stressed
    Research from 2006 found by Rachel Piferi and Kathleen Lawler, showed that people who gave social support to other people actually had lower blood pressure than those who did not. Stress can ’cause hypertension through repeated blood pressure elevations as well as by stimulation of the nervous system to produce large amounts of hormones’ that increase blood pressure one study has found.
  4. Live Longer
    A 2003 study by Stephanie Brown from the University of Michigan looked at elderly couples. She and her colleagues found that people who gave practical help to spouses, friends, neighbours or relatives lowered their risk of death over the next 5 years than those who did not.
  5. Be Happier
    One 2008 study by professor Michael Norton, from Harvard Business School, found that giving money to others increased participants’ happiness more that if they had spent it on themselves . Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor from the University of California, saw results which mirrored this. She asked participants to carry out five acts of kindness every week for six weeks.

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