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by Givey Team

27 July 2022

Reflections on My Emotions Activity Book

I’m sure when some of us hear about charities we get flashbacks of seeing heart wrenching stories that persuade us to quickly donate at a tap of a button. We don’t know much about the charity and how exactly they help the people in need. But at least we can carry on with our day knowing that we have done something in response to that sad story.

What if there were other ways we could interact with charities? What if instead of seeing them as a way to relieve the feeling of guilt or discomfort in the face of someone else’s struggle, we could have a more meaningful and fulfilling experience?

My Emotions Activity Book was one of the first episodes I produced for this podcast. I was still building on the ideas of what I wanted this podcast to be. Here’s how working with Laura helped me build on those ideas.


Do we want our interactions with charities to be associated with feelings of guilt? Or instead be a fulfilling and meaningful?

This is where kindfulness comes in, being mindful of our kindness (you can read about kindfulness in my previous blog). Taking our time and thinking through what we want to do to make a difference. How it can make an impact in our own lives. Kindfulness is one of Givey’s core values and we believe it has a multiplier effect. When someone has a meaningful experience with a charity, they are then more likely to reflect on it. Apply these reflections to how they interact with the rest of the world and inspire others to be more kindful. This creates way more meaningful experiences for everyone involved. Instead of the everyday mundane mindless instant gratification that will pass at the next tap of a finger.

Applying Givey’s story to the podcast

What I found with the small charities and small projects Givey was supporting was that they were naturally kindful. As they aren’t saturated with a big team and numerous projects. And often someone has joined or started this small charity because of something very personal to them. They are wholeheartedly concentrated on their work, because their focus is undivided and personal. You can see the meaningful hand to hand change they are making. They cannot be mindless in their pursuits.

Laura’s story is so personal, I was amazed at how just one person can make such a difference.

Here’s a clip from our Givey Connect session with Laura, before I recorded the interview, where our head of social media explains how the book has improved her communication with her daughter.

Laura Brown’s story of ‘My Emotions Activity Book’

Laura’s book is improving, the way children can express their emotions. This is vital as the adults in their lives, who ultimately have the control, can then make more informed decisions about how best to facilitate that child’s needs. Especially in unprecedented times such as the pandemic and now the Ukrainian war.

From then on I knew I needed to make it clear in the podcast just how much one person can do with their kindfulness. Who is working on the project, their personal story and what they are doing to achieve their goal. And direct impact the listeners’ help or money could make.

Providing our listeners with a chance to be able to take their time within their own schedule to have a meaningful interaction at a charity of their choice, they can access at any time.

There are so many other amazing little pockets of reality full of kindfulness working with Givey that need to be shared. To inspire and change the way we think about interacting with charities or the people and causes we think need our help. And this podcast is here to do just that!

Written by Ruby Iling.

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