by Givey Team

27 November 2020

Britain is unquestionably a giving nation, with £10 billion worth of charitable donations made in the UK each year. However, the vast majority of these donations go to large charities with over £5 million of annual income. Despite accounting for just over 1% of all charities across the country, these large charities consume over 75% of donations.

Givey exists to change all that by creating a social donations platform that makes it easier for donors to find and give to smaller charities and local communities. Whilst making sure 100% of every donation goes to the cause. We are supporting the organisations that are so often overlooked and under supported.

Givey exclusively focuses on The Forgotten 95 and have raised over £2.5M so far, for over 2000 small charities and local communities in UK. We have a dedicated Givey community of over 80,000 donors and it’s growing rapidly!

Not only that, Givey is “more than a just giving platform“. We are a community offering support in various ways. From free marketing on all our social networks included as part of a fundraising fee free platform with 100% of donation including gift aid going to your cause on the ground.

One of our recent support services is our Givey Connect webinars that we run monthly to support charities, fundraisers and donors on our platform. These sessions cover advice and share best cost effective practices to increase your donations. Givey Connect is a chance for us to all meet each other, learn from each other and grow as a strong giving community.

We also recently launched a Podcast where charities get to share their stories with our community and spread the good word about the charitable services available to help good causes.

We also have lot more services coming up that will really benefit us all so keep watching and #Switch2Givey today.

For more information on how to switch to Givey, read here: https://community.givey.com/Switch2Givey

If you’re ready to join our community then click below to register and we will have you live within 48 hours.


Still considering Givey against other donation platforms? Click here to compare!

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Join our dedicated community of thousands of small charities. Givey is an online fundraising platform with an ethos of transparency for donors and no platform fees for charities / causes. We have raised over £2m.

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