10 Fundraising ideas inspired by Christmas films

by Givey Team

8 December 2021

Are you struggling to find new fundraising ideas for your charity? Read on to discover an array of creative ideas to bring Christmas cheer to those who need it most. So, practice your singing, dig out your tinsel and put on some festive music because we have ten ultimate Christmas fundraising ideas inspired by the nations favourite Christmas films!

1. Carol singing for the homeless (Last Christmas)

We start our festive journey with a modern take on the song Last Christmas which coincidently is the name of this film! It is about one young woman’s love story which unfolds after some unfortunate events and a twist that no one saw coming. There is one scene in particular which is lovely to watch. The main character, Kate, sings songs to raise money for the homeless. It is such a simple idea, but one which anyone can take part in.

2. Make your Christmas present a donation (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

A certain red-nosed reindeer was the inspiration for this fundraising idea. In this film, Rudolph the reindeer was teased for having a red nose. Despite this, he manages to overcome his fears and save Christmas. Helping those who need us is one of the most kind acts you can do this holiday season. Why not make your Christmas present a donation to a charity of your choice this year? Check out the Givey website to find a charity you feel passionately about to begin your Christmas fundraising this year.

3. Create Santa’s Grotto for children (Elf)

Elf is about Buddy. An orphan raised by elves in the North Pole. When he grows up, Buddy travels to New York to find his father Walter. This movie is filled with festive spirit and children which made me wonder. What if you could create something magical for children as well as charities? Why not create Santa’s Grotto and sell entrance tickets to raise funds for charity? You could even create the presents yourself.

4. Make arty presents to sell (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

A perfect combination of Christmas and Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a film that is unique and creative. It was made using stop start animation and all of the characters were made by hand. You can get creative for good causes too. Why not make Christmas decorations to brighten up homes this season?

5. Write letters from Santa Claus (Arthur Christmas)

Nothing says Christmas like the magic of Santa Claus! Arthur Christmas is a film which brings him to life. Offering to write letters from the man himself for a small fee will bring joy to so many children and charities too!

6. Plan a party for those who are isolated (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas was a movie about being kind and the true meaning of Christmas. That is, being able to spend it with the ones you love. Lots of people may be isolated this season. So, this year, you can plan a party for the people you know who truly deserve it. Don’t just raise money. Make a difference.

7. Take family Christmas pictures and make them into cards (Frozen)

The Frozen films are about two sisters Anna and Elsa. Elsa’s magic powers, which create ice, get her intro trouble and ultimately it is up to Anna and her companions to find Elsa and bring her back home. The film focuses on the importance of family and what better way to spread this message than by taking family Christmas pictures and creating cards for families?

8. Run a talent show (Nativity)

Nativity is feel good film about a primary school teacher called Paul who is creating the school’s nativity play. They are in competition with a posh primary school and the stakes are raised even higher when Paul claims that his ex wants to turn their show into a movie. This family favourite has a simplistic premise but the talent show theme was hilarious to watch and would be a great Christmas fundraising event.

9. Make a roast dinner for a charitable cause (A Christmas Carol)

Going back to a classic, A Christmas Carol is about a grumpy old man named Ebenezer Scrooge who is tight with his money and treats his employees awfully. He is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve who show him his horrible future if he doesn’t change. Helping others is the most important lesson to learn from this tale. You can make a festive meal for people in need. This can be for the elderly, homeless people or orphans. You could make
donations optional and use any to help that cause.

10. Set up a speed dating night (Love Actually)

Love Actually has all the elements of a fantastic romance story. There’s multiple love stories, a dancing prime minister and Colin Firth. For those of you who are looking for love, or even the match makers among us, running a speed dating night this winter would be a fantastic fundraiser.

I hope this article inspires you to get creative with your Christmas fundraising this year.

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Written by Ella Dunthorne

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