Why we love fundraising (and you should too!)

by Venisha Mehta

11 October 2021

The Givey Team have a question for you…

Have you ever thought why it’s important to you, to be on the fundraising bandwagon? Well that is one thought I definitely had myself recently. So I am going to share some of my own ideas around ‘why Givey love fundraising‘.

Givey a better way to fundraise

A Better Way to Fundraise at Givey

1. The difference it makes to the charity or cause you’re donating too

Knowing that your money is going to a good cause. Benefiting someone or something is something to be proud of. Seeing the impact of a donation however big or small, can be so rewarding.

2. Networking opportunities within charities or causes similar to your own

Networking opportunities can be important, with connecting with those with similar interests or causes. It can open up a world of new opportunities or in fact investment/donations, if that is indeed your intention, in networking with certain people.

3. Learning to help others. Creating an awareness for people to feel part of a community.

From a young age I think it is important, for them to be aware of the difference, they could make. For something or someone they care about. I feel that motivation in being charitable, comes from seeing what their donations help with, in the long term.

4. Strategy + Planning.

Know the purpose of your fundraising.

I think it’s always wise to know, what you are signing yourself up for. when donating to a particular cause. Do your background research into the Charity or Cause. This first step is very important, as you want to know you are investing your time and money into something you potentially support long term. What difference do you want to make? Know when you make the donation, what the difference it will make to someone’s life.

Have a Plan With How You Are Going to Reach Your Goal

The fundamental purpose of fundraising, is being inspired and believing in what the charity stands for. That in turn is their purpose for us as donors, to donate money towards their cause. They want us to believe in how and why they will accomplish their goals and aspirations, for that particular cause.

Get to grips with social media. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your charity or cause.

Yes, I understand that might sound like an obvious phenomenon in this day and age. However, getting to grips with social media is very important for the livelihood of any charity or cause making money.

I believe social media is something that will never go away. From liking, sharing and following a cause  The marketing aspects of your charity or cause will boom. Possibly reaching places on the web, worldwide.

Engaging all ages, e.g. younger audiences. You are more likely to get a younger persons attention via social media. With the right mix of visual and words to keep their attention for long enough, to hopefully then go and make a difference.

Build your backing! It’s a good way to gather a list of followers for a cause or charity. Having support behind them is how the word can be further spread through their networks as well.

So, I’ll leave you with my thoughts. Before writing this I certainly didn’t think about, how effective fundraising could be, but more importantly the ‘science’ behind it.


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