Blogs to Inspire Your Small Charity Organisation

by Lauren Armstrong

27 November 2023
There are so many benefits to having a charity blog, from strengthening your brand to driving traffic to your website. Charity blogs are a notable way to give a voice to those you support by offering people the chance to share their real-life experiences. By doing this, we can help others in similar situations feel that they are not alone. It’s not always easy for small charities to get the attention and support they deserve. Fortunately, the power of the internet has opened up a new generation of charity blogs. In this article, check out these inspiring non-profit blogs that can provide information, ideas, and motivation for small charities looking to make a big difference. 

Do you have a small charity that’s thinking of starting a blog? Here are some charity blog examples to provide you with inspiration.

Age UK Charity Blog

Age UK’s blog shares real-life stories in addition to the latest news, insight, and analysis of topics in the headlines that are affecting older people. It has regular articles written by individuals and staff across the age sector. In the blog, there are categories which allow readers to easily find articles that interest them. There are even tributes from people to their family members, highlighting the positive influence they have on those surrounding them. Each blog post has an image that is tagged with the category so that it’s easy to see at a glance whether it’s a news story or a real-life story.

Cats Protection

This blog for the UK’s largest feline welfare charity, is cleverly named ‘meow blog’. Cats Protection’s blog has a number of unique categories that readers can filter by. There are sections covering information on advice, campaigning, neutering, support, and ‘fun stuff’. As well as this, the posts are SEO-optimised, therefore helping to drive more traffic to their website. These articles often answer questions that people would be searching for online so having this type of content will increase its visibility and help brand awareness. Some of the most recent blog posts include ‘how you can help cats and their families flee domestic abuse’ and ‘can cats see colour?’. 


Mind Charity Blog

The mental health charity Mind is passionate about offering people the opportunity to blog about their experiences. The charity maintains that every individual experiencing a mental health problem deserves both support and respect. Moreover, they believe that blogging can be an important part of that. The blog posts range from people with experience of mental health problems to posts by volunteers and fundraisers. Through the process of sharing real life stories and their own information, Mind are helping fight against mental health problems. On a form on their ‘Blog for Mind’ webpage, you can submit a request to publish your own story. In addition, this makes it easier for people to connect with and it truly makes an impact. By sharing more stories, Mind challenges the status quo and can work to change attitudes.


At this time in UK communities, the cost-of-living crisis continues to hugely affect people. For Shelter, their work never stops. The Shelter blog shares current initiatives from the charity discussing housing policy, campaigns, the latest research and our activities. Generally, this is alongside summaries of Government policy and its impacts. All content produced is from the charity themselves and guest writers spreading awareness. Currently, some of the top stories on the blog are the story of a man battling a debilitating condition in an housing emergency and insecure accommodation impacting young cancer patients. 

Charity Digital Blog

In the digital age, access to technology and online platforms is crucial for small charities to succeed in fundraising. Charity Digital  has a blog which focuses on the connection between technology and the non-profit sector. Previously, they have produced case studies and a number of successful digital campaigns. Charity Digital is one of the go-to resources for small charities looking to take part in the use of digital technology for fundraising and advocacy. It covers topics like online fundraising, social media strategies, and the latest tech tools designed to make the work of non-profit organisations more efficient. Additionally, they organise webinars, including the upcoming ‘The Wildlife Trusts: charities, tech, and the climate’ and have a podcast. 


Throughout the UK, small charities face unique challenges, but they also possess amazing strengths and the ability to make a huge impact on their communities. One way of unlocking this potential lies in the plethora of knowledge and inspiration available through charity blogs. As a result, these blogs provide essential guidance on the power of telling stories, innovative fundraising strategies, and community engagement. Small charities can incorporate lessons and ideas from this into their own duties. This can be helpful in navigating the complexities of the non-profit industry, connecting with donors, and achieving fundraising success. As a result of this, small charities can make a positive difference to so many lives. Non-profit charity organisations are a critical part of the UK’s fundraising efforts, and with the right knowledge and inspiration, they can thrive and flourish.

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