Creating An Attitude of Gratitude: Everyday Changes You Can Apply

by Givey Team

6 September 2021

The connection between good health and a positive attitude has long been proven, with benefits including a longer life span and lower rates of stress. In fact, maintaining an attitude of gratitude does wonders, especially in crisis situations like a pandemic. By focusing your mind more on things that you value, you build resilience, allowing you to move forward despite the challenges.

Fortunately, being grateful does not demand an instant change in perspective. Here are little, everyday things you can do to become more grateful.

Keep a gratitude journal

If you want to create an attitude of gratitude, you have to express it daily, and not just on occasion. And what better way is there to do so then to write them down? Keep a gratitude journal, and try your best to maintain it.

Set a goal every day: list three things you are grateful for. It does not have to be an elaborate journal entry — it can even be a simple list, no explanations needed. The point here is to acknowledge what you are thankful for every day, good or bad. Over time, you will be more appreciative of what you have.

Develop a “thank you” habit

Aside from keeping a journal, you also have to express your appreciation to everyone who does something for you. Sounds simple, right? But believe it or not, saying “thank you” is not as common as it should be.

So go ahead, thank the delivery man who brings food to you, the friend who checks in on you, the colleague who mentors you, the YouTuber who entertains you. No matter who they are, be grateful for their positive impact on your life.

Create a mindful office setup

In your journey of wanting to help people, you may be overwhelmed with constantly getting exposed to those who are in need of compassion. As you give yourself to your causes, you gradually empty yourself to the point of what is called “compassion fatigue”. This can negatively affect your well-being, including your sleep, mood, and even your capacity to exert feelings of gratitude daily.

Luckily, compassion fatigue can be overcome by employing coping strategies that will improve your well-being in the long run. A highly recommended way of doing so is by setting up a comfortable working space. For example, ease up on the tension on your back and legs by using a trusted standing desk converter like the Stand Steady X-Elite Pro. This will reduce the strain in your body by allowing you to stand and move while working.

While sitting, on the other hand, make sure your hips and knees are level with each other, both forming 90-degree angles. To keep that alignment, you can use foot and leg rests, like the ErgoFoam Adjustable Footrest, which has a high-density foam, washable velvet cover, and adjustable height.

Practice self-care

Another way to prevent compassion fatigue is to practice self-care. Have a balanced, nutritious diet, and allot time for regular exercise. Set boundaries between work and personal life, so you can still pursue your hobbies and interests. Furthermore, surround yourself with people who exude feelings of positivity and thankfulness, such as family and close friends. They will make you feel happier, more positive, and more motivated.

As you reach out to those in need, make sure you do not neglect your own.

Pay it forward

When time and resources permit, show your gratitude not only by being available and returning favours to those who have blessed you, but also by spreading kindness to somebody else. You can stay committed to charities, for example, even in the midst of a pandemic. There are virtual fundraisers and social media gatherings you can attend to continue supporting causes. By doing so, you continue the cycle of giving and receiving and build meaningful connections along the way.

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Article written by Renae Jenkins

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