Small Charity Week 2023

by Givey Team

10 June 2023

Small charities are the lifeblood of the third sector. A small charity constitutes a charitable organization that is making under 1 million annually. In the UK small charities make up 96% of the third sector. These organisations provide employment opportunities, and address social, political and cultural issues at a community level. They impact the lives of so many people every year.

Despite their importance in the community, small charities face many barriers. Small charity week is all about recognising and uplifting the organisations who work so hard to address problems in this world. Keep reading to learn about what Small Charity week is, the impact small charities are making and how to get involved! 

About small charity week: 

Small charity week started in 2010. The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) decided there was a need to elevate the small charity sector. Ever since 2010 FSI has been organising this awareness week. It is a way of celebrating the many organisations who make up the majority of the third sector. Those who often don’t get the same attention as their bigger counterparts. Unfortunately in 2023 FSI closed. Thankfully the Lloyds Bank Foundation and NCVO have taken over the campaign allowing Small Charity week to continue. 

Small Charity Week 2023

This year the campaign will run from June 19th – 23rd, during which various events will be taking place. Small charities have the opportunity to learn how to grow their organisation and be successful through registering for one of the many events on the Small Charity week platform. This way organisations are able to reach a broader audience. This week is also about cultivating public giving through highlighting the impact of small charities in local and global communities. If you are a small charity this is your time to shine and get your cause out there. For everyone else it is time to listen, learn and support Small Charities. 

Small Charity Week 2023 Events List:

19th June, 2023 – Monday

Let’s celebrate the spirit of Small Charity Week on the 19th of June, designated as Monday, Celebration Day. Join Small Charity Week in recognising and honouring the contributions of small charities on this special day.

  1. Welcome to Small Charity Week 2023 – 9:30 AM BST : Vicki Beevers, the CEO and Founder of The Sleep Charity and a member of the Small Charities Advisory Panel, cordially invites everyone to the Small Charity Week through her heartfelt 30-minute welcoming event starting at 9:30 AM BST. Join Small Charity Week events as she extends her warm invitation to be a part of this year’s Small Charity Week, encouraging all to actively participate and contribute.
  2. Fundraising – The Spirit of Partnership & Working Together – 10:30 AM BST: Participate in an engaging 45-minute webinar starting at 10:30 AM BST, hosted on Zoom by Claire from the Better Together Project and Ellie from The Aplastic Anaemia Trust. This informative session will delve into the essence of partnership in fundraising, offering insights and strategies. Following the webinar, a live Q&A session will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions on the topic and share your personal stories and experiences. Don’t miss out on this enriching event!
  3. Radical Governance – 11:30 AM BST: Mark your calendars for a thought-provoking webinar on radical governance hosted by Samantha on Zoom. This 45-minute event, scheduled to start at 11:30 AM BST, will delve into the concept of embracing transformative governance practices. Engage in an insightful Q&A session, where you can explore strategies on how to foster change and encourage progressive approaches. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the realm of governance and make a positive impact in your organisation!
  4. Lunch & Learn: First time CEO – 12:30 PM BST: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights from Janine Edwards, the CEO of Power for the People. As an experienced charity leader and trustee, Janine brings a wealth of knowledge in delivering sustainable development in Kenya and Uganda. Whether you are currently in your first CEO role or aspiring to be one, join this enlightening session scheduled to start at 12:30 PM BST. Attend to gather valuable insights, learning, and guidance that will help you succeed on your journey as a CEO.
  5. Supporting Small Organizations and Lived Experiences with Bali Rodgers 2 PM BST: At 2 PM BST their will be a captivating 45-minute event where Bali will share her personal experiences, along with insights from Safer Communities Alliance, on the crucial topic of supporting small charities. Discover the significance of collaboration and the power of working together in this dynamic session. Bali’s expertise and firsthand accounts will provide valuable knowledge and inspire collective action. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the world of small charities and the importance of fostering collaboration.

20th June, 2023 – Tuesday

  1. Self Care and Wellbeing in the Small Charity Sector – 9:30 AM BST: Join Hilda Campbell at 9:30 AM BST for a 45-minute event focused on self-care and team well-being in the small charity sector. Don’t miss this opportunity to prioritise your well-being and nurture your teams.
  2. Mindfulness and Resilience – 11:30 AM BST: Join Small Charity Week at 11:30 AM BST for a 45-minute event featuring Premila, the founder of Be Kind Movement. Established in 2015, this small charity is dedicated to promoting kindness through education. Premila’s personal experience with bullying inspired her to create a nurturing school environment where kindness becomes the norm for children. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Premila’s insights and be inspired by her mission to amplify the power of kindness.
  3. Lunch & Learn: Q&A On Importance Of Sleep On Your Health & Tips To Help – 12:30 PM BST: Join them at 12:30 PM BST for a 45-minute Lunch & Learn session during Small Charity Week, where CEO Vicki Beevers and Deputy CEO Lisa Artis will provide valuable insights and guidance on sleep-related challenges faced by small charity leaders and employees. If you struggle with sleep or find yourself awake at night due to work-related concerns, this session is tailored to address your concerns. Discover practical solutions and gain a better understanding of sleep management. You are not alone, and we are here to support you!
  4. Make Charity Workplaces More LGBTQIA+ Friendly – 2 PM BST: Join Small Charity Week at 2 PM BST for a 45-minute event featuring Kevin from Charity So Straight. In this session, Kevin will delve into the topic of creating LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive workplaces within small charities. Discover actionable strategies and valuable insights on how to foster an environment that embraces diversity and promotes inclusivity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and make a positive impact within your organization! 
  5. Avoiding Burnout – 3 PM BST: At 3 PM BST their is a 45-minute ‘Burnout to Balance’ workshop. Discover practical strategies to prevent burnout, boost productivity, and regain your passion for life and work. Hannah will guide you through transformative techniques to manage and prevent burnout. Gain the tools to thrive in all areas of your life.

21st June, 2023 – Wednesday

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 21st, as we celebrate Discussion Day during Small Charity Week. Prepare for engaging panel discussions, interactive Twitter sessions, thought-provoking blog posts, and more, all aimed at igniting meaningful conversations and fostering dialogue. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in stimulating discussions and share your thoughts on various topics.

  1. Discussion: How can funders better support small charities? – 1 PM BST: Join Small Charity Week at 1 PM BST for a 45-minute event featuring a panel discussion with Mary Rose Gunn from The Fore, Alex Van Vliet from Lloyds Bank Foundation, Martha MacKenzie from Civic Power Fund, and AmickyCarol Akiwumi MBE from Money4YOU. In this session, these esteemed individuals will explore how funders can enhance their support for the small charity sector. Gain valuable insights and have the opportunity to pose your questions to the panelists. Don’t miss this engaging discussion on empowering small charities through effective funding strategies.
  2. Charity Commission Role – 3 PM BST: Join Small Charity Week at 3 PM BST for a 45-minute webinar featuring Holly Riley, Head of Policy at the Charity Commission. Gain valuable insights as Holly shares the Charity Commission’s exciting plans for sector support in the coming years. This webinar also offers you the opportunity to actively participate and provide your input on how the Commission can best support smaller organizations. Don’t miss out on this engaging event where your voice can make a difference in shaping the future of sector support.

22nd June, 2023 – Thursday

Celebrating Thursday, June 22nd as Learning Day during Small Charity Week 2023. Join Small Charity Week for a day filled with valuable insights on people management, motivation, engaging trustees, and many more topics. Expand your knowledge and gain practical tips to enhance your organizational practices. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and grow as a small charity.

  1. Staff and Volunteer Management – 9:30 AM BST: Join at 9:30 AM BST for a 45-minute event featuring Nicola Upton, who will share her top tips on staff and volunteer management, as well as motivation. This session is designed to help you effectively nurture and engage the people in your organization, ensuring their happiness and satisfaction. Nicola will also be available to answer your questions, providing valuable insights tailored to your specific needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills in managing and motivating your team.
  2. Innovative Fundraising – 10:30 AM BST: Join at 10:30 AM BST for a 45-minute event featuring Martha Awojobi, who brings a wealth of experience working with renowned charities such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, West London Mission, Refuge, and Money4YOU. In this session, Martha will share valuable insights on innovative fundraising approaches she has learned throughout her career. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain inspiration and practical tips to elevate your fundraising strategies and make a greater impact.
  3. Why Small Charity Trustees Have Got To Get Involved In Fundraising – 12:30 PM BST: Join Small Charity Week at 12:30 PM BST for an engaging 1 hour 15 minutes event featuring Amber, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of organization development experience across various sectors. With her extensive background at the FSI, where she has supported numerous small charities, Amber understands the challenges of limited resources faced by these organizations.

    As the Chair of Trustees at the Small International Development Charities Network (SIDCN), Amber will lead a webinar discussing the crucial role of trustees in fundraising for small charities. Gain valuable insights into why it is essential for trustees to actively engage in fundraising efforts within their organizations. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Amber’s expertise and enhance your understanding of effective trustee involvement in fundraising.
  4. Recruiting And Supporting Disabled Staff – 1:30 PM BST: Join at 1:30 PM BST for a 45-minute webinar featuring Mark Upton, representing MyVision Oxfordshire. In this session, Mark will provide valuable insights into the recruitment, retention, and development of disabled staff and volunteers. Learn from Mark’s journey as his small charity prioritised the representation of lived experiences of sight loss and disability. Discover the strategies employed by his team to become Disability Confident Leaders, even without a large HR department. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain knowledge and inspiration to foster inclusivity within your organization.
  5. Comms On Budget – 3 PM BST: Join Small Charity Week at 3 PM BST for a 45-minute webinar featuring Jess Young, the Project Lead at Volunteer Centre Greenwich. If you’re facing challenges with social media engagement, disengaged team members in communications, and a lack of budget, this session is for you. Jess will share her experiences and strategies on how she successfully transformed her small charity with limited resources. Discover practical tips and actionable insights to turn the tide and achieve impactful results, just as Jess did. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can make a difference, even with minimal resources.

23rd June, 2023 – Friday

Celebrate Future Day on Friday, June 23rd, during Small Charity Week 2023. Join as we delve into the important topics of financial planning, sustainability, and the future of small charities. This day will provide valuable insights and discussions on how small charities can navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain knowledge and contribute to shaping the future of the small charity sector.

  1.  Financial Planning and Stability – 9:30 AM BST:  Amsel Page von Spreckelsen will be hosting a 45-minute webinar at 9:30 AM BST. In this session, small charity leaders will gain valuable insights on financial planning and decision-making right from the start. Discover strategies to create a financially stable future for your organization. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your financial management skills and lay a strong foundation for long-term sustainability.
  2. The Future for Small Charities, 10:30 AM BST: Join at 10:30 AM BST for a 45-minute event featuring Wayne Murray from Humanity Squared and Vic Hancock Fell from Fair Development. They will discuss the future of small charities and the crucial issues that funders and the sector need to address in this insightful discussion. Discover where the sector can find support and gain valuable perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage in this thought-provoking conversation and gain insights into the future of small charities.

Small Charity Week offers a diverse range of events, including webinars, workshops, and panel discussions, addressing crucial topics such as fundraising, governance, staff management, sustainability, and the future of small charities. Join these insightful sessions to gain valuable insights, practical tips, and networking opportunities to support and enhance your work in the small charity sector.

Why Support Small Charities? 

While bigger charitable organizations are not bad, there are some areas in which small charities can be more effective. An anonymous writer for the guardian points out that small charities often emerge to address a gap that the larger organizations aren’t reaching. The writer, who is also a small charity owner, states “If I truly thought you were doing a good enough job, I wouldn’t be doing this”. Referencing larger organizations in their area of impact. This example points to the importance of small charities. They ensure that all the different aspects of a cause are being addressed. 

For example, Safer Waves is an organisation on our platform that strives to support seafarers who have experienced sexual assault or harassment. There were various organizations available to support merchant seafarers, yet none focused specifically on the issues of sexual assault and harassment that many, often women, face on board. In this way small charities are able to provide more individualized support. Small charities also have big social and economic impacts on their local communities. They generate jobs, stimulate economic growth and create a collective. 

Givey’s Mission

Here at Givey, small charities are dear to our hearts. Our mission is to serve the forgotten 95%, the smaller organisations that make up the majority of the third sector. Our founder recognised all the ways in which small charities are vital to local and global communities, yet receive less attention and overall funding than larger organisations. He created as a platform focused exclusively on getting funding to small to medium sized charities.  So join us in highlighting the smaller organisations who make up the third sector this small charity week!  

Here’s how to get involved: 

Attend an event: Small charity week is for small charities, so if you are part of one, there is a wide array of events catered to providing small charities with information to improve their work.  Go checkout all the different organisations that are participating and the events they are putting on. There are so many different informational webinars and coaching sessions for small charities. 

Engage: If you aren’t personally involved in a small charity, share the campaign on social media, and engage with their posts. This will help the campaign reach as many people as possible. While you are at it make an appreciation post for small charities or inform friends and family of the hard work these organisations are doing. Tag @giveyhq for support!

Donate: Support your local small charities – using Givey you can select your county and see all the small to medium sized charities registered on our platform in your area.


Small Charity Week 2023 seems to be proving to be an enriching and impactful event, bringing together individuals, organisations, and communities to celebrate and support the invaluable work of small charities. Throughout the week, a diverse range of events unfolded, offering insights into various aspects of the sector and providing valuable resources for those involved.

From webinars and workshops on topics like fundraising, governance, staff management, and financial planning to panel discussions exploring the future of small charities, Small Charity Week offers a platform for knowledge sharing and networking. The events would provide an opportunity to delve into the challenges and opportunities faced by small charities and to gain practical tips and strategies to navigate the ever-changing landscape.

One prominent supporter of small charities is Givey, an organisation with a mission to empower individuals to make a difference by donating to and fundraising for causes they care about. Givey’s commitment to supporting small charities aligns perfectly with the spirit of Small Charity Week, as they strive to create a positive impact in communities and contribute to the success of these organisations.

Whether you are a small charity seeking support or an individual looking to get involved, Givey provides a platform that enables seamless donations and fundraising efforts. By embracing Givey’s mission, you can be a part of the collective effort to uplift small charities and create a meaningful impact in the lives of those they serve.

As Small Charity Week 2023 comes to a close, let us carry forward the knowledge, insights, and connections gained during this event. Let us continue to support small charities, recognising their immense value and impact. Together, we can create a brighter future and build a more compassionate and inclusive society for all.

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