Unwrap Success: Creative Charity Fundraising Ideas for December

by Lauren Armstrong

11 December 2023
With the end of the year only weeks away, new opportunities for charity fundraising are emerging. For the non-profit sector, the festive season provides a great opportunity to raise funds, foster community engagement, and create lasting impact. Small charities in the UK are often at the centre of this heart-warming mission, working tirelessly to bring smiles to faces and support those in need. This article will look at creative fundraising ideas tailored for non-profit organisations, guaranteed to make this December a memorable and successful fundraising month. Let’s unwrap the secrets to make your charity’s winter fundraising truly exceptional. 

Christmas Crafting & Charity Fundraising

This idea puts a spin on the traditional bake sale. Host a craft fair with family, friends and those in your local area to showcase their festive creativity! This could include artists and community members. It is a particularly great fundraising idea for families and children. Items can be anything from ornaments, wreaths, or even Christmas cookies. You could ask for a small fee for entry and collect donations throughout the day. One of the best things about this idea is that it can be tailored for all ages and the opportunities are endless. The festive spirit, creativity, and generosity of your supporters will be on full display, helping you reach your charity fundraising goals.

New Year Resolutions

Change your old habits with fresh resolutions. Not only can charities suggest ways to help those with a list of to-dos, but feel free to add volunteering to it. In addition to helping with resourcing, resolutions can also be a fundraising challenge. One idea is to provide a monetary goal to work towards. For instance, choose a challenge to complete – it could be something as simple as taking part in a fundraising event and decide on a cause you want to raise money for. If you are able to, make charitable giving something you do more often. Even the smallest of donations can transform lives. 

Charity Fundraising Food Drive

With the Christmas holidays coming, there’s no time that’s more urgent. Food banks and homelessness charities are hugely impacted when providing for families. This year has been particularly difficult due to rising fuel prices and inflation. By organising a food drive, you can help to ease that strain. It is a specific type of fundraiser in which individuals and groups collect donations for the purpose of stockpiling food items. In your community, ask people to donate unused holiday foods, gift cards, and mostly non-perishable items. This can help in gathering supplies for local food banks and those in need.


Ice Skating

Ice skating rinks work wonders to connect local communities. For small charities, there isn’t a lot of maintenance required and some of the work can be done by volunteers. To fundraise, sell tickets or hold competitions on ice. An example of this has recently featured in the news. This featured members of the community in Telford, who raised money by skating for Children with Cancer.

Festive Fancy Dress Day

This is a classic fun and easy Christmas charity fundraising idea. At your school or workplace, host a Christmas jumper or festive fancy dress day and collect a donation from participants. You could even give out awards for the best dressed, most creative, or most ugly Christmas jumper! Don’t forget to collect donations from everyone who participates. As part of this, offer fun prizes and share the event on social media to attract a wider audience.

Get Fit For Charity Fundraising

At the start of the new year, the gym is in full swing. Take part in a fitness challenge with regular activities during the first few months of the year. To get more inspiration, check out RED January. The charity focuses on improving health and wellbeing by getting physical. There is also a fundraising element for their partner charity Sport in Mind. Participants can fundraise while getting in shape. There is no better way to do this than for charity. 

’12 Days of Giving’ Campaign

A ’12 Days of Giving’ campaign is a fun and engaging way of keeping a charity’s supporters involved throughout December. This idea plays on the concept of the traditional ’12 Days of Christmas’ but with a fundraising twist. Each day, you could highlight a different aspect of your charity’s work and ask for donations to support it. For example, on the first day, you can showcase the impact of food banks, and on the second day, share stories about children benefiting from help in your local area. This not only educates your audience about your organisation, but also creates a sense of connection with the causes they’re supporting.

To maximise engagement, you can partner with local businesses to offer daily prizes, creating an incentive for people to donate. You may want to use the power of social media to spread the word about your charity’s mission and encourage others to make online donations. To reach a wider audience, make sure to promote the campaign through your website, social media, and email marketing.


In December, the holiday spirit and the desire to give back are at their peak, making it an ideal time for small charities in the UK to boost their fundraising efforts. Whether you choose to host a craft fair, a ’12 Days of Giving’ campaign, or a festive food drive, the key is to engage your community and create a sense of connection with your cause. By incorporating technology, storytelling, and innovation into your winter fundraising strategies, you can capture the generosity that fills the season. Small charities have the power to make a big difference, and with the right ideas, your organisation can shine bright. This December, let the spirit of giving lead the way, and watch your charity fundraising efforts flourish.

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