Creative Fundraising Ideas for Small Charities in January

by Lauren Armstrong

10 January 2024

As the start of 2024 unfolds, so does the potential for positive change. January is more than simply a month for small charities in the UK; it’s a chance to increase their influence through creative charity fundraising strategies. It is more important than ever to come up with original and compelling fundraising ideas in a world where every penny matters. In this article, join Givey on a journey through inventive approaches to fundraising, tailored to the unique challenges faced by small charities in the UK. From fitness challenges to virtual winter-themed events, explore how small charities can turn the energy of the new year into tangible support for causes that truly matter.

1. January Fitness Challenge: Exercise for a Purpose:

As resolutions echo through the crisp January air, why not channel the collective energy towards a fitness challenge that benefits personal wellbeing and contributes to a larger cause? Small charities can organise a ‘January Fitness Challenge,’ encouraging members to set fitness goals and seek funding from friends and family. The initiative could take the form of a virtual 5K run, a month-long yoga challenge, or a cycling trip. It encourages community participation while likewise promoting a healthy start to the year. With each step, stretch, or pedal, participants become ambassadors for the cause, embracing the spirit of giving.

2. Host a Movie Night Event:

Adding a fundraising spectacle to a simple movie night is a wonderful way to attract supporters of all ages. Organise a movie night event where participants can give or attend the screening by teaming up with a nearby cinema or online. For instance, consider topics that are relevant to your cause and make the event more enjoyable by inviting special guests or doing film-related question and answer sessions. This strengthens the connection between the audience and the purpose while also adding informative value. Giving back is made enjoyable and engaging with movie night fundraisers, which provide a cinematic escape with a meaningful twist.

3. Organise a Craft Fair: Charity Fundraising Creativity

For those who love to craft and create, a craft fair is an ideal way to blend passion with purpose.  Collaborate with local individuals, artists, and crafters to showcase their creations at a charity-driven craft fair. You could charge a small entry fee, or allocate a percentage of sales to different charities. In addition to giving local artists a stage, the festival promotes a feeling of togetherness. Handmade goods, art, and crafts have an undeniable charm, making this fundraising idea a unique and authentic way to support small charities while celebrating innovation.

Volunteer People in White Shirts

4. Offer Workshops or Lessons to Learn New Skills 

By providing workshops or classes for a charitable fundraising cause, you can leverage people’s desire for knowledge. Whether you want to learn a language, cook, or do photography, work with professionals or individuals who are prepared to share their knowledge. Participants could register for these sessions, with the proceeds directly benefiting small charities. This not only creates a learning community but also establishes small charity organisations as a centre for skill enrichment. The exchange of knowledge becomes a powerful motive for positive change, turning the pursuit of learning into a force for good.

5. Winter Wonders: Warm-Hearted Charity Fundraising Events

In the midst of winter’s chill, embrace the season with a virtual winter-themed charity fundraising event. Make the most of the holiday spirit by planning activities that will involve your community and help your small charity generate the funding it requires. Whether it’s an online snowman-building competition or a winter-themed walk or run, infuse the event with the spirit of the season. Alternatively, organise a ‘Winter Warmer’ evening with cosy virtual activities like storytelling or a virtual fireside chat, giving supporters a quiet environment to interact with you and your cause. Make use of live-streaming platforms to present exciting performances, narratives, and interactive aspects that hold the attention of your supporters. By buying tickets or making donations in real time, small charities can encourage guests to get involved. Virtual events eliminate geographical barriers, allowing donors from all corners to join in the warmth of community and giving.


Small charities in the UK have the opportunity to rewrite the story of charity fundraising in 2024 as the year comes to a start. Creating winter-themed fundraising events, arranging craft fairs, launching fitness challenges, holding movie night events, and providing skill-based workshops are a few methods of combining creativity, community, and generosity. These concepts not only raise money but also strengthen the bond between small charities and their donors in a world where each contribution counts. Remembering that originality and compassion go hand in hand can help us develop the uncertainty of the year ahead and pave the path for a more promising and giving future.

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