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by Givey Team

5 July 2021

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In an unprecedented world, it has become more crucial than ever to sustain the chain of kindness and hope that has linked human hearts for centuries. We need to make known the fact that even though we frequently find ourselves doomscrolling through our social media feeds, virtues have not ceased to exist, and continue to bring light to many. That is the purpose of the GiveyConnect+ podcast. Through such a medium, Givey aims to put spotlight on the stories of small charities who are doing all they can on the ground to help millions of people in need. Their work ranges from providing assistance to refugees in desolate areas to closing the digital divide in education. There is a plethora of inspiring stories waiting to be discovered and that is exactly what GiveyConnect+ promises to do.

Meeting our guests over Zoom, we start by asking them basic information about their fundraising projects and what their work entails. Questions include asking our guests about how certain procedures are run through their organization, about any volunteering opportunities and if they have a specific deadline to raise funds by. We find that gaining such information from them helps the audience to better affiliate themselves with the charities and give a better understanding of what they stand for. 

Following this, we run a “Going Deeper” section, which explores the story behind these charities and unravels what led them to commence their initiatives. As a vital section of the podcast, this corner provides the audience with insight on the more nitty gritty details of the small charities and their journeys so far. How and why did the idea for a certain project come into the picture? What were the main motivations behind it? Had there been any challenges and setbacks since they first began? These are some of the questions that we attempt to tackle in our discussions. Most importantly however, we ask them if they had any advice or learnings for others involved in the charity sector. This is important because allowing them to voice the experiences and the valuable knowledge they have accumulated over the years can not only be a source of inspiration, but also teach many important lessons for those who are currently involved in the charity sector. Some inspiring ideas we gained from conversing with our guests have been bringing out transformation through collective action or in other words “history will be made when people play their part”, and also avoiding the practice of “cutting and pasting” western ways of doing things and instead choosing to recognize and acknowledge the significance of indigenous cultures and customs. 

After a stimulating 30 minute long discussion, the podcast wraps up by shedding some light on the upcoming initiatives of the small charities and asking them to elaborate on their journeys ahead. As expected, when asked of this, they talk of even more ambitious goals such as expanding their operations elsewhere or perhaps exploring new and innovative ways to achieve their overarching objectives. Nevertheless, the vigour and enthusiasm through which they express their ambitions is truly uplifting, and makes you wish for nothing but the best for their future adventures. 

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Written by Fiza Surhiyo

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