Top Skills for Charity Jobs and How to Improve Them

by Givey Team

22 September 2021

Working for a cause you are passionate about is great. So, it’s no wonder why charity jobs appeal to lots of people.
To land that all important first job in the charity sector your CV will need to stand out. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best ways is to add to your skillset. Show employers that you have more to give by adding the follow skills to your list…

Digital skills

If you have managed and grown social media accounts, know a lot about SEO or have learnt how to code, digital skills will make your CV stand out especially in the charity sector.

We live in a world that is digital so it is inevitable that there is a growing need for digitally skilled professionals in the third sector. Being able to improve their online presence can help charities gain lots of followers. This can impact how many donations they receive and how much support they have.

Add to your digital skills by exploring online tutorials or courses for free. These could be from YouTube or even Google Digital Garage. The link to Google Digital Garage is here: Free Online Marketing & Career Courses – Google Digital Garage (

Be sure to write about your digital skills, with examples, on your CV to land your dream charity role!


Smaller charities often are looking for individuals with effective leadership skills as, in these, you might have to lead projects or have more responsibility overall.

Charities want people who can order, delegate to and motivate their team. Those with good leadership skills are able to make big decisions that lead to positive charity results.

Add examples of situations when you’ve motivated others or taken control in a sticky situation to your charity CV. Examples could include: from the workplace or even by taking on leadership roles at University.

To improve your leadership skills why not try taking on more responsibility at work/school?

Social skills

This is the top soft skill you need to improve to do well in the charity sector. Having the ability to express your written and verbal ideas effectively is vital in many charity jobs.

It is not just about talking to people well. It is about how to empathise and be tactful with others in sensitive scenarios.

Remember, it’s not just about being good at talking to people. It is about knowing how to communicate with tact and empathy in sensitive situations. Your aim is to ensure other charities trust and know about you and your cause.

To ensure your communication skills are effective, try to read up about this. Another great way to do this is by practising your skills when talking to people who are close to you. Remember that there are three different types of communication skills. These are: verbal, non-verbal and written. Once you get the hang of them, your charity will thrive.

Showing potential employers that you have this skill will help you a lot. You can do this by adding any social hobbies you do to your CV. Or, even by coming across well at an interview.


Being creative can mean different things to different people. For me, it’s about creating new ideas.

Charities which may be smaller with a lower budget will need someone innovative to come up with solutions to their problems. These could be to market the charity, fundraise or even to achieve great things for less money.

Having someone who can think outside of the box is a skill that is great for most organisations.

Improve your creativity skills by taking up a creative hobby you enjoy. This could be anything from writing stories to painting or even baking! You may have even shown this skill with your qualifications from school or university. Be sure to include these on your CV to get the charity jobs you want.

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