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Why we love fundraising (And you should too!)

Why We Love Fundraising - Givey

Have you ever thought why it’s important to you, to be on the fundraising bandwagon? Well that is one thought I definitely had myself recently. So I am going to share some of my own ideas around ‘Why we love fundraising’.


How 11 Days in Sri Lanka Changed Me! | Volunteering Spotlight

Tour to Sri Lanka for Charity

The cliché – “It changed my life” was the predicted response my family expected when I returned from Sri Lanka with The Dust Project, but more than I could ever imagine, this was true for my trip in February.


Fundraisers we LOVE: Givey Spotlight!

As award season is upon us, we’re excited to shed a spotlight on some of our fundraisers which are doing amazing work for the causes they care about…


Multiple charity administrators, new feature on Givey!

Multiple Charity Administration

A new feature for charities on Givey – link multiple administrators to the charity page and share access to the Givey account with other members of your organisation


World Cancer day – Let’s beat it!

World Cancer Day

This 4th February 2016 marks World Cancer Day, a time of joining together to focus on how we as a community can rid the world of cancer for good!
As a platform for charities of all sizes, we welcome the sign up of people who are joining the fight against cancer and support those who