Multiple charity administrators, new feature on Givey!

by Givey Team

9 February 2016

Here at Givey we have been making a few changes to the way administrators can use the site and we would love to share them with you. We are always open to feedback so when you spoke, we listened!

Administrators on Givey were previously those who had complete control of a charity or project page. From charity bank details to exporting spreadsheets of your donations, an administrator had access to all of the information found in the Settings of a charity.

Rather than sharing log in details and using a generic email address for the charity, there is now the option to link multiple charity administrators to a charity account – the first admin on the account will become the own by default.

Multiple Charity Administrators

The admin who initially created the account is the ‘owner’ who can add or delete these other admins and has absolute control. Practically; under the ‘Admin’ tab of charity Settings, the current owner of the charity will see themselves linked and will also be able to see current admins and ‘Add New’ ones if desired. From quickly changing their website address and making sure all elements of their page are up to date to seeing payout dates, your charity page can be the most efficient it has ever been on Givey.

As well as being a benefit for charities to use, this is also a great new feature for projects such as community groups, who may not all work from the same location and therefore can access the information they need whenever they would like it without having to collaborate or ask the original administrator.

If you have any further ideas of how to improve the charity or project experience over at Givey, drop us a message at with the details, or if you are interested in joining signup here!

Written by Emma Barnett

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