Fundraisers we LOVE: Givey Spotlight!

by Givey Team

26 February 2016

As award season is upon us, we’re excited to shed a spotlight on some of our fundraisers which are doing amazing work for the causes they care about! Behind every fundraiser is one or a group of people who are dedicated to raising funds for something they believe in!

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Steven Wild Givey

Steven Wild

Steven Wild

Inspired to raise funds for Bottisham Primary School, Steven is running the Cambridge Half Marathon and has almost reached the 80% mark of his fundraising target!

“I’ve decided to raise money for Bottisham Primary school to help them afford new technology resources, to be used by the children in their classrooms.

Both Isabella and Jacob attend the school and it won’t be long before Joseph joins them, so the school is an important part of family and community life.

Given my job I’m very passionate about technology and some of you may know I ran a coding class at the school last year. I hope to do the same this year for more of the children.

I feel having new resources that will help support the children to learn, is a very worthwhile cause and so I will be running the Cambridge Half Marathon at the end of February, with the aim of raising at least £500, which will hopefully be generously matched by my employer EY. Whilst I completed it last year this will only be the second half marathon I’ve competed in, so please make the training and inevitable pain worthwhile.”



Homeless Awareness Fundraiser Givey

Homeless Awareness

Homeless Awareness

One of our employees is sleeping on the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne to raise money for the homeless nationwide!

“On the 25th March 2016, myself and a few others will be sleeping on the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne for the night to raise awareness for the homeless, not just in the local area but the whole country. We will have nothing but our sleeping bags and a bottle of water and will be doing the Fundraiser regardless of the weather.

Any donations made on the street will be collected by myself and donated towards this Fundraiser. Please share your support and donate anything you can to this worthy cause.”



Similarly to the ice bucket challenge, it’s time to take part, donate and nominate! The Harry Johnson Trust are asking you to bite a lemon for charity, why not Givey it a go?




In inspiring form, on the 19th March a group from UK General, One Commercial and Rural Insurance will be walking from Eccup Reservoir to and around the Harewood Estate, a total of 10 miles. Raising money for the Yorkshire Animal Shelter who take care of neglected and abandoned animals at their premises in North Leeds, you can support by clicking the picture below to donate.



Fundraisers 5

Devizes Canoe Club get more kids to paddle! “We are aiming to be in the top set in a K2 kayak in the 125 miles Devizes to Westminster race at Easter.

For juniors, the race is spread over 4 days, camping every night in basic conditions – no glamping! We both train with Devizes Canoe Club for the event and we will also be at the Watersides and Thamesides national races as part of our training.

We are serious about kayak: our weekly training 2 night paddles, 2 gym sessions and either 1/2 or full day paddle at the weekend. After DW we intend to continue competing together in both marathon and sprint events. We are also raising sponsorship via crowdfunding to buy our own boat as we paddle a vintage Marsport Toucan K2 on loan from the club.”

Written by Emma Barnett

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