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Raising Awareness – How to reach out to a wider audience

To get the donations, people need to be aware of your brand/fundraising first! You need to reach out to them! Posting pictures – post images on Social Media about the cause and any activities. Post real images of those in need and the progress done because of the donations. Keep things relevant and related to…


Digital in the Third Sector: Harnessing the power

Harnessing the Power

Social feeds are the lifeblood of digital connection.

This is the personal space in which we publicly endorse, vocally propose, condemn and praise. It’s communal and it’s unceasing; daily we are washed by the newly uploaded 200 million hours of YouTube footage, the 30 billion pieces of digital content shared on Facebook, and sometimes, just sometimes, something sticks. It speaks to us, it guts us, it elevates us. It is this emotive power that can, and needs to be channeled into positive change; we just require the tools with which to take action. Liking isn’t helping.


Fancy your brand alongside moments of people making GOOD happen?

Fancy your brand alongside moments of people making GOOD happen?

Givey is launching a new way for your to get your brand right in the amongst the action of doing good! You’ll notice on every post on Givey that’ isn’t matched by an employee’s business, we have a line that lets you know ‘Fees covered by Givey’.


What have you been Givey Sharing?

Givey Sharing

Check out the types of media you guys have been sharing below – Youtube video seems to be your favourite medium, followed by a tonnes of great Instagram photos!