Raising Awareness – How to reach out to a wider audience

by Gemma Harbias

23 February 2017

To get the donations, people need to be aware of your brand/fundraising first! You need to reach out to them!

  • Posting pictures – post images on Social Media about the cause and any activities. Post real images of those in need and the progress done because of the donations. Keep things relevant and related to interest the donors.
  • Captions – Include a caption with every image post. This is a short description attached to the image post.
  • Hashtags – using hashtags gets you noticed on Social Media. Stick to the trend of social networking and use these hashtags to highlight your keywords e.g. #donations #charity by doing this you will reach the right audience.
  • Tweeting – Tweet everyday!
  • Don’t give up! – It can be hard work thinking of what to post every day but stay connected on social media because this is the biggest way to get yourself noticed! Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are popular ones!

Traditional marketing – This still works! Try leaflets, word of mouth, face-to-face fundraising.

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