How to Increase Donations for your Charity

by Gemma Harbias

14 June 2017


You’ve set-up your charity page on Givey…now what?

How does this help me increase my donations?

Well, it’s very simple. By following our guide, you can make the most out of your donation platform and all the features from Givey and I can confidently tell you, this WILL increase your donations!

Step 1

To begin, enter all your charity details, if not most of them. This includes the Charity name, registration number and your account details to receive your donations.

Step 2

Enter your charity website address so viewers can click on the link from your Givey profile. This is important for donors so they can read up more about you and know all about how you use the donations to aid your charity causes.

Step 3

Upload your charity’s logo and a header picture for your profile. This gives your charity an identity people will recognise and will remember in the future. In today’s media, images speak louder than words so make sure you pick an image that will really show your donors what your all about e.g. the cause, the team, the volunteers.

Step 4

Social Media is just as important, if not more than images. Simply because used all over the world especially for marketing and news updates. So if you’ve already got yourself on the social media networks then include their weblinks for your Givey profile, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of them!

Step 5

Use the space on your profile to explain what your charity goals are, the cause you help and why, and anything else you feel your donors should know about to want to support your charity e.g. current projects, heart-touching stories.

Step 6

Keep visiting your page to thank your donors and to update your profile. The more you engage with your donors the better.

Step 7

Lastly, use your givey profile web link to post on your website and social media posts for your donors to visit and donate to your cause.


Once you’ve followed these 7 steps your platform is completely ready. Our platform is built this way purposely, with those specific features because that’s what get’s charities noticed and gives the donors a clear view about your charity, the cause and provides easy accessible ways to find out more about your charity. Not only that, our other features make it easy for your donors to donate and to become regular donors with the use of our bright bold donate buttons on your profile.

This platform is a social platform, meaning donors also have their own profile on Givey and can choose to follow you on the Givey website so they can keep up-to-date with your activities and hopefully become fundraisers for you.

Lastly, at Givey we like to spread awareness of our charities, especially the small charities and by providing us with all the information on your profile, it will help us promote you on our website and social media channels. View our Twitter and Blog to see how we do this.


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