Top Fundraising Tips for 2021

by Givey Team

25 August 2021

We are excited to share with you the top fundraising tips for 2021 that will engage donors effectively.

Use these useful fundraising tips to reach your charity goals so that you can celebrate successful and rewarding fundraising achievements.

Ensure that all your fundraising is for the donor.

In the aftermath of a global pandemic that has left many of us isolated, it is important now more than ever to build long-lasting relationships with your donors and reach out to them.

Personalize your communications with donors.

Make sure that all your emails, social media posts and other online communications address the donor personally to ensure that they feel important and valued by your charity.

Make sure your message is clear.

Online there is a lot of content so in order to stand out to potential donors make sure that your message is clear. This will help people to understand your charity’s aims and how to help you to achieve them.

Be where your donors are and engage with them.

In 2021 there are a variety of channels online for us to choose from. Finding out where your target audience is and how to reach them is essential in generating awareness and interest in your fundraisers.

Stay positive!

In these uncertain times it can be easy to look at the negative effects of the pandemic. However, charities have shown their strength and resilience, overcoming a range of challenges, including adjusting to a new digital fundraising world. These efforts should be celebrated.

Plan online events and fundraisers.

 Lockdown restrictions have meant that in person events have become harder to execute. During the pandemic many of us felt isolated and were cautious about mixing in large groups. However, social media and new technology has meant that we can engage with each other easily online.

Ask donors questions.

Showing interest in potential donors helps you to learn about them and is easy to do on social media channels. This can help to inform your digital marketing strategy and build awareness of your charity’s cause.

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