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Raising Awareness – How to reach out to a wider audience

To get the donations, people need to be aware of your brand/fundraising first! You need to reach out to them!

Posting pictures – post images on Social Media about the cause and any activities. Post real images of those in need and the progress done because of the donations. Keep things relevant and


Fundraising for a Good Cause: how to raise money

So many of us care about a particular cause that is close to our hearts and we want to support them by fundraising, volunteering or donating. A popular choice is fundraising by undertaking activities, like running a marathon, having an auction or running an event. However, it can be difficult at times to reach your


The Nation’s Overlooked Small Charities

Britain is unquestionably a giving nation, with £10 billion worth of charitable donations made in the UK each year. However, the vast majority of these donations go to large charities with over £5 million of annual income – despite accounting for just over 1% of all charities across the country, these large charities consume 72%


Corporate Social Responsibility: UK Workforce in the Dark


The season of goodwill has officially started! This week we dug deep for #GivingTuesday and today we’re all donning our Santa hats and sparkly sweaters in the office for Christmas Jumper Day. But aside from all the St. Nick-themed knitwear and kitsch cardigans, how else do our employers


[Feature] Recurring / Monthly Donations

It’s here, you can now set up recurring donations!
One of the hotly requested features was the ability to set up a recurring donation. A donation
that would be created each month without the user having to do it themselves.
So, when you create a donation, you can now choose if you want it to