Givey Connect

by Gemma Harbias

2 November 2020

Are you in the non-profit industry? Part of the Givey platform? Then you will want to join our drop-in lounge #GiveyConnect events.

Givey Connect is a special virtual event dedicated to you. Its our chance to give you extra support not only on our platform but in the non-profit industry. As we head into a second national lockdown, we feel as though it is important now more than ever that we help our users get the most out of Givey and keep small charities thriving in these uncertain times.

We will be running these events every Wednesday, 1pm – 2pm on Zoom. These events will be run by the Givey team, giving you an opportunity to meet the faces behind Givey!

We will be discussing a wide range of topics that will help raise awareness for your charities varying from tips to boost your donations, exciting features available on Givey for you to access or advice on how to get the most out of fundraising.

On top of this, we will hold a question and answer segment at the end of these sessions to ensure all your questions or concerns have been addressed. With a vast number of events lined up, our main focus is to centre these virtual meetings around our Givey users.

If you have anything you would like to discuss email us at and we will dedicate a whole session on your chosen topic.

Our aim behind Givey connect is to work on building a strong relationship with the charities and fundraisers that use our platform. Through doing so, we hope to meet a vast number of our Givey members, to create a Givey Community just for you!

Join us for our Givey Connect events –

We hope to see you there!

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