What You Can Do To Help Solve The Crisis of Christmas Homelessness

by Givey Team

15 December 2021

Christmas is a time for giving, a time to show some love and kindness. Join us to help fight Christmas homelessness.

We want to raise awareness about Christmas homelessness and the thousands of small charities that support them. In doing so we hope it reaches many people so they can also do what they can to help homeless people during this festive season.

Christmas is a favourite holiday for many and it’s a very exciting time filled with love, food, gifts and all celebrated under one roof with you’re family and friends. However, unfortunately there are too many people not able to enjoy this festive season due to many different difficult situations. Which as a result leaves them without any shelter and out in the cold, alone. Many may not want to hear sad stories during this time of year but this reality is in front of us everyday. We must get together to help one another and reduce people living on the street throughout the year.

Covid-19 especially has had a huge impact on those that are homeless. In England, at least 130,000 households were made homeless during the first year of the global pandemic.

Analysis of published government homelessness statistics and figures collected under the Freedom of Information Act from around 70% of local authorities in England show that 132,362 households were assessed by councils as being owed the “relief duty”, where a household is deemed to already be homeless. The number of homeless households rose slightly in 2020-21 compared with the previous year.

Overall, councils in England were approached 274,000 times for homelessness assistance during 2020-21, with around 106,000 owed the “prevention duty” as they were at risk of homelessness but not yet legally homeless. The people who became homeless during the pandemic were mainly those fleeing domestic abuse or households asked to leave by family or friends.​ It’s very hard times and the only way through this, is together.

That’s why this December 2021, we want work together with you to raise awareness about Christmas homelessness. Support the small charities and know how you can help this Christmas.

How To Help Fight Homelessness At Xmas Time?

  • Find you’re local charity and donate, volunteer or fundraise
  • Raise awareness by posting on social media about homelessness and/or a charity
  • Raise awareness by hosting an event about homelessness and collect donations to help them
  • Help a homeless person you see on the street
  • Volunteer at a shelter
  • Collect food to donate

6 Small Charities You Can Help

PAFRAS – Positive Action For Refugees And Asylum Seekers support homeless asylum seekers and refugees by providing immediate humanitarian relief. They also support them to improve their situations and provide food, temporary shelter and much more.

LeatherHead Start –  provides emergency, direct access, short-term accommodation for homeless men and women over the age of 18. They also have a very good daytime programme that provides the support they need to build skills and confidence to face their future.

The Homeless Foundation – Their mission is to eradicate homelessness in the UK. Their main objective is “to relieve, either individually or generally, persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress on a National basis”.

Starter Packs Glasgow – They support those going from homelessness to their first tenancy by providing a pack of essentials such as bedding, crockery, toiletries etc. “A hand up, not a hand down”

AF&V Launchpad – Armed Forces and Veterans Launchpad support homeless veterans by providing rented accommodation. Then further support of training, employment and permanent accommodation.

Huddersfield Mission – provides a safe environment for vulnerable people. They provide support and advice and offer affordable meals as well as other activities.

There are thousands of other small charities doing lots of work to reduce homelessness and help those that are in a difficult situation. All these small charities are worth supporting because for every £1 donated it is used directly to the cause.

So, let’s make Christmas a little better by helping the homeless. Start your Christmas homelessness campaign to make a change. Start fundraising today! https://www.givey.com/fundraising

I hope this article inspires you to make a start with your Christmas fundraising this year.

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