Top Fundraising Tips for 2019

by Gemma Harbias

15 January 2019

We are excited to share with you the top fundraising tips for 2019.

Use these useful fundraising practices to reach your target goal so you can celebrate a successful and rewarding fundraising achievement for your charity.

  • Make a plan and stick to it – Like most challenges, a well organised plan results in goals being met. Make sure you set enough time for yourself for all your fundraising needs.
  • Social Media – As you may already know the power of social media is immense! Use it to your advantage. Instagram especially is the biggest network in 2019. Donors like to see live fundraising and real life pictures to donate.
  • It’s A Digital World – 2019 is very digital friendly. Everyone loves the ease of getting things done through technology. So, stay up-to-date with the trends. Engage with your donors, make it easy for your donors to donate and keep the costs down by using online features rather than paper. Bonus Tip – Our Givey App means you can fundraise on the go and donors can donate at the ease of their mobile.
  • Audit Your Fundraising Page – By keeping your online fundraising page updated, you are reaching out to your donors. It is best practice to show your audience your passion and care of fundraising. Doing so will keep the donors updated therefore, increases the donations.
  • Share Stories – Tell your donors how donations have helped the charity. This will show them their donations will be valued, thus giving them more of a reason to support you.
  • Video Content – Video is a ultimate favourite for social media lovers. You can simply record a short, live video of your fundraising and post it online. Donors like to see live feeds and real life action. Statistics show video has more of an impact than anything else at the moment. However, don’t make your videos long. Keep them maximum 2 minutes and post on instagram and facebook (two most popular networks).
  • Email is NOT Dead – You may still here people say they don’t use email anymore. Trust me, email is still live and kicking! Statistics show email still brings in donations for charities and many still prefer to donate this way. Research best email practices and you be on your way!
  • CSR Schemes – Many companies have a CSR scheme to help their employees fundraise. Find out if yours will match your donations. If they don’t have a CSR set in place then Givey can help! Email
  • Tell Your Story –  On Givey we have an ‘About’ section. Use this to tell your story about why your fundraising. Keep it simple but from the heart. Donors want to see why you care and why they should donate.
  • Connect – read our blog post ‘Connect To The Cause‘. This is a big one for 2019 and the future of fundraising. A very important tip!

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