Connect To The Cause

by Gemma Harbias

21 May 2019

To fundraisers new and experienced, this is an important aspect of fundraising for your good cause!

To Connect. Meaning, to partner with someone. To join something together. To be in a relationship. To connect objects or events together.
There are many examples of what a connection is, but in this article I want to share the importance of one example…fundraisers CONNECTING with their cause.

What is the importance of fundraisers connecting with their cause?

Connecting with your cause gives you the opportunity to experience and be inspired by your own stories of the cause. It will give you the opportunity to learn more and see more within the cause. By connecting to your cause this way, it can bring you many benefits.

What are the benefits of fundraisers connecting with their cause?
  1. You will get more motivation to support your cause
  2. Your belief of the cause will grow which will show the donors that they too can believe in the cause
  3. You get to build your own stories about the cause
  4. You get to learn more and build your knowledge about the cause
  5. It benefits the cause more because they are getting that extra support off someone passionate
  6. Your time and effort will help you connect with your donors. It will inspire them to support you.
How do fundraisers connect with the cause?
  1. Get involved in the cause. By seeing the ins and outs of the cause yourself, gives you first-hand experience, rather than reading the website or leaflets.
  2. Meet the founders and/or trustees. You can build your knowledge about the cause off those that have the most experience.
  3. Connect with the donors by telling them your stories and asking them why they donate.

This important part of fundraising will give the greatest connection to the cause, and once you believe, your donors believe and everyone in your team too. This is what makes fundraising an incredible journey.

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