3 Reasons Why Saying Thank You Could Increase Donations

by Gemma Harbias

24 April 2017

As a charity it takes a lot of work to collect donations to help those in need. Thankfully, we have a generous public that are always willing to raise funds for a good cause.

Fundraisers are a huge help, so as a charity it’s important to appreciate and acknowledge them. By doing this you can expect an INCREASE IN DONATIONS and RECURRING DONATIONS.

  1. Social Media

Using social media to thank your fundraisers is the best way to spread the word to everyone. Social media is how most people hear about current news and that’s on many of the social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. So by take full advantage and get posting!

How? Use your social network profiles and post a message thanking your fundraisers for their donations and explain how it will help the charity. If it is a specific fundraiser you want to thank, then tag them in the post.

By using social media this way, I can guarantee your fundraisers will be happy to have been acknowledged. In turn it will benefit the charity because others will see your post and will want to donate too. It’s like word-of-mouth but on the internet…a much wider audience reach!

  1. Publish Articles

A printed format to acknowledge your fundraisers is still a nice traditional way and a good way, to share the story of how donations help. This could be in a newspaper, magazine, printed or online articles. Also do let the fundraiser know you will be publishing an article about them so they can look out for it and let their family and friends know.

  1. Personal Thank-you

Face-to-face acknowledgement or a phone call is always a sincere and genuine way of saying thank-you. The fundraiser will feel they have done something incredible (which they have) and will notice how grateful the charity are for the help.

Tip! Sharing Stories is important for a charity and there are many ways to go about this so do make sure you do at least one of these to show others the wonderful work and help fundraisers do for charities.

The result:

  • Builds awareness (about the charity and the cause)
  • Inspires potential fundraisers
  • Increases donations!
  • Brings in recurring donations!

So, go ahead, start appreciating your fundraisers today!

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