[Feature] Recurring / Monthly Donations

by Carl Markham

9 December 2016

It’s here, you can now set up recurring donations!

One of the hotly requested features was the ability to set up a recurring donation. A donation
that would be created each month without the user having to do it themselves.

So, when you create a donation, you can now choose if you want it to be recurring.
Let’s talk about how you would set this up.

Creating a recurring donation is done in the same way you create a normal donation. Simply visit
the Charity/Project/Fundraiser of your choice and click donate. Follow the steps until you come
to the section where you choose the amount.

You will need to be logged in to set up a recurring donation. If you are logged in, you will notice
a new checkbox under the amount.


If you check this, you are letting us know that you want this
donation to be a recurring donation. Once you click the box, you will notice an option to choose
the day of the month which you would like donations to be made. When you are happy with your selection,
you can proceed with your donation as normal. On the review step, you will see a confirmation that the
donation will be recurring on your specified day.

We will make the first donation there and then. After that, we will make a donation on your behalf
on the day that you have specified, on the next month.

For example, given today is the 11th of November and you choose the donations to be made on the 28th. We will make the first
donation today (the 11th) and the next donation would be made on December 28th. Only one donation will be made
per month.

If you wish to specify an ending date for your recurring donation, you can do so via your settings page.

From here, you can also change the amount of the donations, as well as the day of the month.


Again, we will only make one donation per month. So, if you choose to change the day from the 1st to the 7th, and the current day is the 4th, we
will make the next donation on the 7th of the next month, since a donation would already have been made on the 1st.

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