Celebrities of Influence

by Givey Team

21 January 2016

An award winning blogger recently spoke at a Growth Hacks conference, and conveyed to start ups and small charities how “generating leads is difficult”, but more than that “generating high quality, relevant leads is really difficult”. A resounding chuckle noted the collective experience, however furthering his point, the speaker informed the need to “leverage the communities of influencers within your industry to scale community engagement.”

What does it take to become an influencer within a community? Is this role held for celebrities or those with a status of fame?

Celebrities of influence

Fame, whose Latin meaning to be known by many people or the process of being Famous is traditionally frowned upon, meaning a more infamous character with a reputation rather than being a reputable person. In contrast, Celebrity denotes positive connotations, deriving from Latin meaning ‘frequented or honoured’ as the person of interest keeps deep sincerity.

If we need these celebrities in our communities to be influencing other users, where do we find them and how are they equipped to leverage a community to action?

We recently encountered a celebrity equipped to make change with extreme growth on Givey, as YouTuber Louis Cole pioneering channel ‘FunforLouis’ engaged 120 countries in 3 days, with 26 donating to a Post supporting Heart for Romania. Raising over £3,670 with over 240 donations, the top referral was unsurprisingly YouTube as he called into action his community of subscribers.

Celebrities of influence 2

Similarly, charity Climb are the owners of Givey’s top grossing Post, raising £20,100 so far with 249 donors. A different result from seemingly unrelated posts, however after dissecting the origins of the celebrity who created the original post they both share a core action – the initial donation.

With all posts on Givey, an initial donation needs to be made to encourage frequency of giving and as a result the fundraising page is created. This allows anyone who is inspired by something, previously well known or not, and has a passion to share and inspire others to become a celebrity within the Givey community.

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