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Celebrities of Influence

Celebrities of influence

An award winning blogger recently spoke at a Growth Hacks conference, and conveyed to start ups and small charities how “generating leads is difficult”, but more than that “generating high quality, relevant leads is really difficult”. A resounding chuckle noted the collective experience, however furthering his point, the speaker informed the need to “leverage the


The Solvey Roadmap

The Solvey roadmap

We are on the hunt for innovative projects all over the world with Solvey!

If you followed the Solvey project, you will be aware that our founder Dave Erasmus and Louis Cole were on the hunt for innovative and inspiring ideas to help others. The project they chose out of many contenders is One


Givey Supports Acorn Overseas

Givey supports Acorn Overseas

Last week saw the launch of an exciting campaign on Givey, involving a Youtube channel with over 220,000 subscribers, a Thailand based Children’s charity, and a reputable clothing line. So what’s going on?