5 Animal Fundraising Ideas for National Love Your Pet Day

by Lauren Armstrong

19 February 2024

As National Love Your Pet Day approaches, small charities are preparing to celebrate the bond between humans and their furry friends in a truly impactful way. Across the UK, many organisations are harnessing the power of compassion to make a difference in the lives of both pets and people. This article will explore inspiring and heartwarming fundraising ideas tailored to fundraising for small charities. It will help to ensure that National Love Your Pet Day becomes not just a celebration but an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of our beloved pets and support the noble causes championed by these small charities.

1. Dog Wash 

Raising money for a good cause is just one of the many reasons to wash a dog. Many pet owners tend to avoid giving their furry companions a bath because it’s usually a mundane chore. However, this is where you can be useful. In exchange for donations, offer to carry out this often tedious task. All you need is some readily available grooming supplies, such as a bucket, an old brush, a water spray, soap, towels, and a small tub . For the more sophisticated among you, consider adding beautiful smelling essential oils (sparingly). 

Then simply give as many pets as you can a wash. One clean dog at a time, let’s save the planet. Small charities could have the option to do the dog wash on a regular basis or as a one-off occasion. On the day, you may want to sell tea, coffee, and cake to dog owners while they wait for their dogs to dry – and raise a little more money. 

2. Buddy Run 

In basic terms, the buddy run is the fun run with the added bonus of having a dog, cat, hamster, or other pet accompanying you. A buddy run could be a short event involving just one person and their pet. Additionally, you could ask friends to sponsor you and your partner as you run 5 kilometres, for example, and maybe even to watch.

As an alternative, you can organise a buddy run with as many participants and animals as you wish. Consider it a Noah’s Ark situation, but with more humans, dogs (or pets), and most likely in a park.

Unrecognizable woman walking dogs on leashes in countryside

3. Sponsor an animal

Imagine giving a creature in need a second chance at a loving home by acting as an indication of hope for them. An adorable approach to link donors with the animals they support is through this kind of campaign. Encourage supporters to contribute to the care and well-being of a symbolically adopted pet. This personalised connection creates a sense of responsibility and pride, making it a paw-sitively delightful way to raise funds for your favourite small charity. Several charities share pictures and updates showcasing the good health of the animals you select. With the knowledge that their donation had an impact, fundraising sponsors can track their pets as they go through life.  

4. Make animal cards 

To make charity cards, you don’t need to be an expert. All you need are some really adorable animals and a little bit of initiative. You might showcase your most photogenic cats, naughty dogs, or other pets that are sure to make people smile. Particularly on social media, seeing a cute animal sells. On the reverse side of the card, you could include details about the animal’s life and the ways in which your preferred charity contributes, helping to raise both money and awareness. Many businesses will make custom occasion cards for charitable organisations. You’ll need to work on the design, although many companies can help with that as well.

If your charity has an online store, you could sell the cards there. Alternatively, you can sell them locally, at accepting retailers, or by setting a stall up.

Many charitable organisations, including Macmillan and Cancer Research UK, are already offering fantastic cards; follow their lead. Check out the amazing selection of animals at the RSPCA for inspiration. 

5. Animal discovery days

There are several ways to carry out this idea. One possible purpose for an open day is to offer visitors more information about the animals. For example, if you are raising money for organisations that care for sick or injured animals. For example, outline each animal’s journey and highlight how donations would be helpful.

Another alternative is to take visitors on tours of local wildlife areas, which is especially popular if you want to support environmental causes. You could discuss the animal life that exists in different environments. Explain how individuals can help to conserve and support their local ecosystem. Most importantly, describe how donations can support the achievement of those goals. 

Worker Feeding Cats in Shelter

Below are some charities on the Givey platform and what they are doing for animals:

Animal Shelter Agonda helps sick animals and gives medical attention to injured and to mistreated animals. In addition, we will run a sterilisation program to cut back on the growing population of cats and dogs. We operate feeding programs for beach dogs during the monsoon, with the assistance of some local people in Agonda.

The Rehoming Animal Telephone Service is a small, completely self-funded, animal rehoming charity based in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. They provide love, care and protection for unwanted and abandoned dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, and with our ‘opt to adopt’ philosophy, look for committed, loving “furever” homes for our animals. Whether you are a first-time or experienced owner, get in touch with them and help to give their animals a second chance at happiness.

The Animal House Rescue is a small Birmingham based rescue, which takes in unwanted, abused and abandoned animals. All the animals that come into their care are treated for fleas, ticks, mites and worms, they also have a full veterinary ‘m.o.t’, and are neutered, if over 6 months, and inoculated before going to their new homes.


With National Love Your Pet Day fast approaching, UK small charities are bringing compassion to the surface to improve the lives of both pet owners and their animals.

Through adorable events, to sponsoring an animal, these charities are raising crucial funds to help their deserving causes. Moreover, they are honouring the love between people and their pets. So, whether you’re a passionate pet lover or someone hoping to make a positive difference, get involved and empower the spirit of giving on this wonderful day. By working together, we can use the power of fundraising to make sure that pet love finds its way beyond our homes and into the hearts of those who are in need. 

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