Givey’s Guide to Empowering Small Charities in UK Fundraising

by Lauren Armstrong

20 November 2023
Every day, countless organisations dedicate their resources and efforts to causes that truly matter. The work of the non-profit sector transcends boundaries. Moreover, it works as a collective force that strives to make the world a better place. However, charity fundraising is also filled with its own set of challenges. This article will investigate the important topics for charity organisations, focusing on the ambitions and values of Givey. It is an online fundraising platform which believes in transparency for donors and no platform fees for charities and causes. Join our dedicated community of thousands of small charities. 

The Impact of Digital Fundraising 

Generally, non-profit charity organisations have been overlooked for a number of reasons. For example, they work with limited budgets, yet make a remarkable impact on local communities and society as a whole. They face the challenging task of competing for funds and recognition in a huge industry. Givey recognises the vital role of small charities and has made it their mission to empower them. By offering a user-friendly, online donation platform, they provide amazing opportunities to small charities in the UK. This approach allows charities to reach a broader audience and tap into the collective power of giving money. Due to the rise of social media and digital marketing, fundraising online has become essential for small charities. It is their work which is redefining fundraising in the UK. 

Engagement and Transparency for Small Charities

Givey understands the importance of building trust between donors and charities. It emphasises transparency in its approach, ensuring that donors can see where their contributions are going. This level of engagement helps donors feel connected to the cause and confident in their contributions. When communicating with potential contributors, use visuals, statistics, and personal stories to connect with them on a personal level. This should be in a way which is open, honest, and efficient to inform people of your purpose. For example, this may help with a fundraising event or digital donation. Our platform allows donors to donate online with ease, making fundraising more accessible and effective than ever. You can contribute directly through the platform and create a fundraising page. As a result, it saves both time and cuts down costs that are sometimes part of charity donation. 

Innovation in Raising Money

Givey has innovative fundraising solutions that are customised to small charities. Their platform allows charities to connect with supporters and those who donate, creating a sense of community around causes. With a focus on digital fundraising, Givey has harnessed the potential of social media and online platforms. Correspondingly, this makes it easier than ever for charities to reach a broader audience and secure vital financial support. Whether you want to raise awareness for a particular cause, contribute to your community or share an inspiring story, the causes you support will receive 100% of each donation. In addition, you can post photos, videos, blogs and more to represent what you’re raising money for. Post your link to social media and your page is created!

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Small Charities: A Community-Centric Approach

Givey’s values are firmly rooted in building a community of compassionate individuals and organisations. They believe in the power of collective action, and they encourage people to come together to support small charities in the UK and beyond. Moreover, this encourages an environment of trust and clarity, where donors can see the real impact of their contributions. 

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health is an issue that touches the lives of countless individuals, and Givey recognises the importance of supporting charities that focus on mental health. Above all, one of the critical issues in the non-profit industry is mental health. Givey has taken a particular interest in this area, taking into account the growing need for support and resources. Mental health affects countless individuals, families, and communities, and addressing this issue is integral to creating a better society. For this reason, Givey has partnered with numerous small charities that focus on mental health. By offering them a platform to raise money and awareness, they contribute to the much-needed shift in how society views and addresses mental health. These partnerships exemplify Givey’s commitment to driving positive change, one cause at a time.


The non-profit industry is certainly a force for good, however it faces its own set of challenges. Givey represents a promising and innovative shift in the way small charities in the UK approach fundraising. For small charities, a personalised approach, commitment to support for all, and original fundraising solutions shine brightly. They are bridging the gap between donors and charities, subsequently allowing positive change to happen. We must ensure that small charities receive the recognition and resources they need to continue their necessary work, inspiring change, and enhancing lives. Givey’s ambitions and values align with the key principles of the charity sector: to create an improved, more hopeful world for all.

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