How Great Britain’s BMX Champion Crowdfunded Her Way to Tokyo

by Givey Team

18 August 2021

Beth Shriever, Great Britain’s BMX racer, has won the gold medal in the women’s BMX racing at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Understandably, she was over the moon with her result. Shriever told Sky News, “It’s a bit surreal, it’s a bit mad, I haven’t even spoken to my family yet. I can’t wait to speak to all them and see how they’re feeling.” [1] 

But, getting to this point was far from easy. Beth Shriever disclosed that she had to crowdfund in order to compete at the Olympics. The 22-year-old stopped cycling for Britain in 2017. This was after UK Sport announced that only male BMX riders would receive help to take part in the Tokyo Olympics, as no British women qualified for Rio in 2016.

British Cycling made its own support package, using commercial income, for female BMX riders. However, Shriever and her coach agreed to start their own programme closer to her home in Essex.

How did Beth Shriever raise funds for the Olympics?

She had a part-time nursery job and aimed to crowdfund £50,000 to travel to Olympic qualifying races around the world. According to Mashable, Shriever also ‘set up a GoFundMe page in 2019 which raised just under £5,000’. [2]
At the time, Beth Shriever was quoted saying, “It is worrying and I don’t want my dream to compete at Tokyo to be taken away just because of money.” [3]

In 2019, after the crowdfunding campaign, Stephen Park, British Cycling’s performance director, saw Shriever’s talent. Park convinced UK Sport to allow them to re-allocate the funding, by moving Shriever up to Manchester and bringing her back onto the programme.

Shriever told BBC Sport, “For Sparky to see my potential and give me a chance to be a full-time athlete shot me in the right direction. Look where I am now.” [4]

How did she find the whole process?

“I have a bike sponsor and most of my kit is sponsored. But, it’s finding money for the travel and races that’s difficult and it’s been a little bit stressful,” Shriever informed the BBC.

What can we learn from this?

In short, we can learn that hard work pays off. If you have the right support, determination and drive to succeed, you will get there. Beth Shriever is a good example of this. Charities with these qualities will do well for their causes.


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