How to Find A Small Charity You Care About

by Gemma Harbias

8 April 2019

Small charities account for nearly 95% of the market in the UK. However, only 10% of donations go to small charities.

Givey is committed to helping these forgotten 95% and aims to bridge the gap between trusting small charities and helping you find causes you care about. With 145,000 small charities in the UK it can be overwhelming finding causes.

Here are some tips on how to find a small charity you care about:

  • Firstly, you need to consider a cause that speaks to you. It can start with broad research and you can narrow it down from there or you may have a few arenas that are close to your heart. Talking to family and friends can help you find recommendations.


  • If you have found a cause or simply require more exploring, using Givey’s ‘Explore’ feature ( can help you navigate and find more information on plausible causes you care about.



  • Visit your local charity. Thousands of people around the country volunteer in small local charities to help improve the lives of others in their communities. You can get involved too by asking your local charity what they have planned next.



  • Ask the charity about their goals. It’s important for charities to explain whom they are and what they are trying to accomplish. Ensure the charity’s mission and purpose is clearly communicated otherwise the charity will struggle to deliver those programs. In addition, does that purpose mesh with your own interest in giving?


  • Ask the charity how they use donations. Financial management is vital to consider for anyone making a charitable donation. Asking the charity for program data that tracks the charity’s activities would allow you to see how money is being spent. As well you can observe daily expenditures and compare it to the budget.


  • Asking the charity of their achievements is important because the charity market is extremely saturated and so unfortunately it is not sufficient enough to be concerned with a problem. How have they helped the cause so far? What has it done to make the issue better? And what programs do they have in place to tackle the issue?


Do you have any tips on how you found a small charity you care about? Comment below!


Written by Anushka Dodhia

2 Responses

  1. Social media plays a big part here as well. For example, lots of new charities – those in need of donations the most – share their birth on Twitter. So keeping an eye out on social media to find causes you care about (or could come to care about) is my advice, to add to your article.

    • Gemma Harbias says:

      Thankyou Matt! That’s a very good tip too! Especially with the many advantages of using social media in the charity sector.

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