Popular charitable causes for 2017

by Neil Mehta

9 February 2017

The UK is the most charitable nation in Europe, but which causes are we really supporting and how much can we expect people to give in 2017?

We put these questions to 2,000 UK adults and uncovered just what causes will receive the most support in the year ahead. The results are revealing; while cancer and children’s charities remain the most popular, foreign aid can expect to receive the highest average donations per person at £57 a year – that is a staggering 33% more than the national average of £43. In an era of acute news exposure – over half the nation now receives their news via social media – the recent humanitarian crises are evidently impacting donation habits in a manner that we have never seen before.

Take a look:


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The findings make for fascinating reading. In fact, that’s why the press has sat up to take notice, with numerous titles writing about Givey’s research!


In the UK, a massive 94% of charities are almost entirely overlooked, with the vast majority of donations going to a small collection of very large charities. To help reverse this trend, we launched our 10 to 1 infographic – showcasing ten great smaller charities that support the same cause as the big brand charity we all know.

Givey has been designed to make life easier for smaller charities – our easy-to-use donations platform is free for them to register on and, what’s more, it delivers 100% of donations to the charity.

We look forward to continuing our support of the UK’s fantastic small charities in 2017 – we hope you will join us!


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