6 Top Tips When Fundraising On Givey

by Gemma Harbias

24 September 2018

Are you a fundraiser on Givey? Do you want to increase your donations? Then this is for YOU!

We’ve put together our 6 top tips to help you raise donations on your Givey fundraising page.

Your fundraising page is your chance to show people who you are and why they should donate to your fundraising page.

  1. Profile – Start with your profile picture and a header picture. Showing this, puts a face on your fundraising page. It also shows the donors what and who they are donating to. We recommend you choose a header picture that relates to the cause or your fundraising activity.
  2. Story – Give your donors the story about WHY you’re fundraising, WHO for, HOW you are raising money and HOW their donations will help the cause.  Your story doesn’t have to be depressing, it just needs to be detailed. It can be a personal story, it could be about the cause, it can be facts or emotion. As long as theres a story for the donors to know what and why they should contribute, they then have a reason to donate.
  3. Social Media – Enter your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles within your ‘Settings’. In this digital world its a priority to have social media to get recognised and spread awareness. So do make sure you provide your social networks so donors can follow and share your fundraising journey. Also, by providing your social networks we can help promote your fundraising and tagging you in our own posts gives an extra boost of awareness. This is a great way to increase your donations!
  4. Photo Gallery – Using Givey’s photo gallery feature, gives you the opportunity to show the donors, your fundraising journey. We recommend you regularly upload pictures showing your fundraising activity and the cause they would be supporting. (You can ask your charity for pictures).
  5. Updates – This is an important one! Keeping your donors updated will not only keep them in the know of your progress, it will increase the donations and result in repeated donations from those that have already donated! That’s why we say this tip is an important one because donors like to know that their contribution has been worth while. You can keep them updated by adding pictures to your gallery and posting comments on your page.
  6. Thankyou’s – By saying thank you to your donors during and after your fundraising, shows them how much you appreciate their support. It will make them feel happy, which can increase your donations as well as, show them that they can trust you for any further fundraising you may do.

Visit www.givey.com/fundraising to start fundraising with Givey! #GiveyFundraising

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