Small Charity Week

by Gemma Harbias

20 June 2017

It’s Small Charity Week!

Let’s Celebrate!

This event has been created to help promote and raise the profile of the thousands of small charities. You can find out more about it here

At Givey, we’ve decided to celebrate small charity week by providing you with a list of ways you can help us spread the word about the smaller charities.

First of all though, we would like to explain to you why we want you to spread the word. From our survey, The Forgotten 95%: The Truth behind Britons’ Charitable Donations we found 90% of donations go to medium-large charities leaving just 10% for the smaller charities.

For us at Givey, it is sad to see statistics like this because we are passionate about small charities and aim every day to support them because we believe ALL charities deserve a chance. Unfortunately this is the truth, which is why we want your help to change this. So far we have reached out to several small charities so that they can be part of our Givey support and we are continuously updating our digital technology to keep up with the ever changing trends e.g. Givey App to make charities lives easier in terms of donations, fundraisers and knowing the Givey values. 

So please help us on small charity week by ticking off our checklist below.


We have also provided some supporting materials below that you can save and post on to your social media profiles to help spread the word that you too #ilovesmallcharities











Thank you for sharing!

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