Planning the Givey iOS and Android App

Planning the Givey app

At Givey, we are always on the lookout for new technologies and tools that can help us to improve our platform. When we had the idea for a mobile app, I knew just the right tech to use.

React Native

We decided to go with React native as a way to build the app. There were a few reasons behind this decision:

  • React native is a fairly new technology and is growing at a rapid pace.
  • I had used ReactJS a few months back to revamp the donation flow. I had also used React Native in another project and felt comfortable that I could create an awesome app using it.
  •  With React Native, I only needed to write one code base since React native is compiled for iOS and Android.

 If we went with native solutions, we would need someone to program the code for iOS and another for Android. While this isn’t a huge issue, using React native and one code base means that there is a lot less to change should we decide to add new features. This also means that new features can be added at a faster pace, while keeping the code between both apps the same.

Feature Planning

So, we sat down and had to think about what to include. It would be easy to just think of the mobile app as a mobile version of the website. We could just include everything that is on the website. However, that is a lot of bloat for a mobile app. An app should have a purpose so that it doesn’t become bloated and confusing.

Of course, you want the user to be able to donate. That is the primary function of the app, however, you also want a few of the smaller, convenience, features in there, such as searching for Charities and Fundraisers.

We wrote down all of the features that we had on the Givey website, then, one by one, we eliminated those that wouldn’t be suited to the mobile app.

Once we had decided what to include, the fun part could begin; Building the app.

Download for FREE

You can download the Givey app for FREE for Android and iOS:



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