Charity Review – Yorkshire Animal Shelter

by Gemma Harbias

13 June 2017

At Givey, we like to do all we can to offer a helping hand to charities and fundraisers so they can help those in need, like Yorkshire Animal Shelter Charity.  Today we want to help this charity raise more awareness by writing this blog article, about why we believe this is a good charity to support.

About YAS

Yorkshire Animal Shelter is a small registered charity, run by volunteers. They work hard to save animals from death row. Based in Leeds, UK, YAS rescue and rehome animals that are in need of care whilst also treating any animals that may be injured or sick.

Givey Review

First of all we chose this charity to talk about because it is a small charity dedicated to helping animals in need of care. At Givey, we are passionate in helping the smaller charities because they often get forgotten about and have little support compared to the much larger charities. Secondly, who doesn’t love animals! Of course we love seeing happy pets and nurtured farm animals and YAS charity goals are Relieve, Maintain and Educate. Excellent charity goals on making a better life for animals and we especially like the Educate goal, this is about teaching the public on how to care for your animal and most importantly, Animal Welfare.

So far, YAS have raised £457 on their Givey platform including 6 fundraisers working hard to raise money to help them. Below are a two fundraisers currently on Givey.

Check out what Julie’s son will be doing if she reaches her fundraising target!

Last but not least, we would like to remind the public the danger many animals are in, in our own country, from pets getting beaten and abandoned, to farm animals not being treated for injuries, the list goes on and on. Whether your an animal lover or not, if you were to hear the horror stories of these unfortunate animals you would want to put an end to it immediately and you can start by supporting charities like YAS because they help reduce these problems.

To end, I’ve included a poster about what the Animal Welfare Act is. Please share and help spread the word. #AnimalWelfare #GiveySupports #YAS #SmallCharities


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