Fundraising for a Good Cause: how to raise money

by Gemma Harbias

13 February 2017

So many of us care about a particular cause that is close to our hearts and we want to support them by fundraising, volunteering or donating. A popular choice is fundraising by undertaking activities, like running a marathon, having an auction or running an event. However, it can be difficult at times to reach your target donation goal because not everyone can run a marathon, take time off work, organise an event or even convince people to donate some of their hard earn cash.

This is why I’ve come up with – The Top 3 Ways to Reach Your Fundraising Goal!

1.Think Outside The Box

If you’re thinking of doing an activity to raise money, then do something out of your comfort zone, choose something you wouldn’t normally do and that is not a profession or a special skill of yours. This will not only push you even more to achieve something great but provide you with an great experience and a proud moment in your life because you’re doing all this for a good cause. Best of all it will give you’re charity/cause more attention from the public which means more donations!

2. Get a Sponsor 

Getting someone to sponsor you is where an online social donation platform is useful. Picking one you trust, find easy to use and is well-known, can benefit your fundraising and using the right organisation will be important to you as you will want 100% of your donations. At Givey we provide you with all this and not only do you get your own page with your own web links to your websites and social media pages. You also receive social media coverage from our Givey social media team who regularly post messages about fundraisers and charities that are on the Givey platform. For more information, visit

3. Spread the word

We all know social media networks are the most popular and successful way to spread awareness about your fundraising activity and will help you reach your fundraising target. So make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and use your social media accounts to cover as much as you can about your fundraising goal! Create a Facebook page, tweet every day, post pictures on Instagram of your activities and the cause you’re raising money for and use relevant hashtags. Also, when telling your story use meaningful, truthful words about the good cause you want to help.

Another popular internet network is blogging. Blogs are getting more and more popular, whether that’s a written blog or a video blog. Use this to document your progress, share pictures, videos and show your personality to the donors and public so they know you are a devoted, caring and reliable person trying to help a good cause.

Don’t forget those traditional resources! You can put a message in the press, post flyers and of course tell your family and friends, work and community as word of mouth is still very much an important aspect of achieving awareness for your cause. Also, newspapers and magazines would love to print an article about your fundraising journey if there is an interesting heart touching story behind it. So, grab all you can do and spread the word!

Most importantly, make sure you keep everyone updated on your progress. Whether your training, organising, travelling, whatever it is you’re doing let everyone know and keep reminding any potential new donors what cause they would be helping if they donated. Tell them an interesting story of why you’re doing this and the stories of those in need of their donations.

Keep everyone interested!

Good luck!

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  1. Selasi Nyakpo says:

    My name is Selasi am from Ghana i have a charity school to help children in my country to have a good education please i need your help

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