The Nation’s Overlooked Small Charities

by Neil Mehta

5 January 2017

Britain is unquestionably a giving nation, with £10 billion worth of charitable donations made in the UK each year. However, the vast majority of these donations go to large charities with over £5 million of annual income – despite accounting for just over 1% of all charities across the country, these large charities consume 72% of donations.

Givey exists to change all that. By creating a platform that makes it easier for donors to find and give to smaller charities – while also making sure 100% of every donation goes to the cause – we are supporting the organisations that are so often overlooked and under supported.

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To that end, Givey is proud to present its 10 to 1 infographic. Here we show how for everyone one large charity the public has heard of, there are ten smaller ones doing fantastic work that people are likely not even aware of (and many of them can be found on our platform!).

2016 was another fantastic year for Givey, as we continue to welcome more donors, fundraisers and charities onto our ever-expanding platform. We’re confident that 2017 is going to be our biggest and best year yet and we hope you’ll join us as we strive to change the way we give!

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