World Wellbeing Week 2022

by Givey Team

29 June 2022

World Wellbeing Week takes place to provide the opportunity for us to promote a global ‘awareness for the wide-ranging aspects of wellbeing, including social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental wellbeing’. [1]

It’s the end of World Wellbeing Week 2022, which takes place on the 21st of June until the 30th, and we wanted to ask the Givey team (old & new), some wellbeing-related questions.

How do you look after your wellbeing?

“Getting outside! Not being stuck inside all day, exercise, having a consistent morning routine. If I start the day right the day normally goes well as a result” – Venisha
“Lately I have got into the habit of going out every day after work and taking a walk in the park. I usually sit on a bench in front of small lake and just unwind. I feel like being surrounded by nature gives me a sense of calmness and helps me relax when I am stressed and anxious.” – Chiara
“Well, I take time during the morning, before I start working, to have a good breakfast and a nice coffee. If I don’t do it, it looks like my day did not start well. I try to exercise at least twice a week and during the weekend I spend time with my friends and disconnect a bit from social media. Sometimes I spend time with nature and it’s good to recharge.” – Gabriela
“Having a routine before starting work to get in the zone and wake up completely is super important, as the aspect of travel has been taken out of my day when working from home. Apart from that, taking time away from electronics and winding down, having a self-care routine for both physical and mental health and zoning out from the world by watching something helps.” – Jaspreet
“Every morning I take the time to do some meditation and go out for walks with my friends and family. I also write to express my feelings through poetry.” – Ella
“I have a glass of water and some fruit before my breakfast and I do 20 minutes exercise in the morning before I start my day” – Gemma

What do you enjoy doing most that gives your energy?

“Exercise! At least every other day for at least 20/30 minutes. Getting in the fresh air and spending time with my daughter, who is a wild child full of energy” – Venisha
“One of the things that I enjoy doing the most in my everyday life is talking with my friends and family; even though we live very far away from each other, I try to find the time to call them every day because hearing their voices gives me the feeling of being close to them and gives me the energy to keep going.” – Chiara
“Lately I’ve been watching movies and series a lot. I have also been reading some books that I procrastinated about for so long. Exercise is something that gives me energy and good sleep quality too.” – Gabriela
“Lately it has been working out weirdly. Listening to music. motivational videos or podcasts. Memes.” – Jaspreet
“I have been enjoying watching new Netflix series. And going on walks in the woods with my family.” – Ella
“20 minute exercises at least 3 times a week. Mentally though, switching off and watching a film with my husband gives me energy to clear my mind and I love to spend time with my closest friends and family” – Gemma

Name a song which makes you feel happy.

“I enjoy singing nursery rhymes to my daughter, the giggles and laughter are everything” – Venisha
“‘Let there be love’ by Oasis. Every time I listen to it, it instantly makes me feel happy and at peace.” – Chiara
“Friday I’m In Love by The Cure.” – Ella
“This is me from the greatest showman.” – Jaspreet
“Levitating by Dua Lipa.” – Gabriela
“My daughter and I enjoy singing and dancing to Justin Timberlake – ‘can’t stop that feeling’. Makes us feel happy and joyful.” – Gemma



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Written by Ella Dunthorne
Updated by Givey Team June 2022.

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