BTMyDonate Closing Down – Where to go now?

by Gemma Harbias

23 January 2019

BTMyDonate have announced that they are closing down their donation platform. This is sad news for many charities and fundraisers and we understand it is a difficult time however, we believe we have the platform suitable for you.

This will be a new chapter in your charitable journey and so we want to make this as simple as possible for you to move your donation process from BTMyDonate, to Givey. By doing so first we would like to show you 4 REASONS why you should choose us as your next online donation platform.

  1. We DON”T charge charities
  2. It’s FREE to sign-up
  3. 100% of donations goes to the charity
  4. We exclusively focus on SMALL Charities (‘The Forgotten 95’

This is Givey. The reason why we do this is because we believe ALL CHARITIES DESERVE A CHANCE. As our CEO Neil Mehta stated, “By creating a speedy and social online donations platform, Givey enables smaller sized organisations to amplify their worthy causes for free whilst making it easier for you to locate and support them.”

As well as this, our stats will show you that from conception, Givey has been successful for supporting charities.

  • 1.7 Million pounds has been raised for small charities
  • 10,000 donors use Givey
  • Over 4,000 fundraisers have been created
  • The average donation has been £29

So, we ask you to choose us as your next online donation platform, whether you are a charity, fundraiser or donor, we cater to make the donation process easy and reliable for you through our digital platform. Our transparency runs throughout our business model, our data and our values. You can find out more on

If you have any questions please ask, we would be happy to make this new change as smooth as possible for you.

If you’ve decided to sign-up your charity on Givey then click here: 


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