Giving Tuesday Campaign 2018

by Gemma Harbias

2 November 2018

Its that time of year again…Giving Tuesday on the 27th November 2018.

This year we’re very excited to be joining hands with Cancer Central for Giving Tuesdsay. We have planned a campaign together to spread awareness, make a difference and celebrate this great organisation.

Cancer Central

“Cancer Central is a centralised source of cancer information from point of diagnosis, treatment and beyond. It is for you, your family and friends.” Source:

Avril is the CEO and founder of Cancer Central and they are about community and innovation, (which is where the word ‘Cominovation’ comes from) to improve the future of all those affected by cancer.

We were very impressed by the work, passion and purpose of Cancer Central and so it was a perfect choice for this years Giving Tuesday event. So with the use of Cancer Central’s ‘Cominovation’ and #GivingTuesday…we called this event, #GivingCominovation

Please have a read of Avril’s press release for a great introduction about this partnership. ‘#GivingCominovation, Givey and Cancer Central celebrate Giving Tuesday’

For this event we are helping to support Cancer Central by spreading awareness and celebrating their services and organisation. We would very much like for you to get involved so below we’ve presented the ‘4 Steps To Support Cancer Central this Giving Tuesday’. So if you’re looking for a good cause to support or some festive giving this season, please check through our 4 simple steps to support all those related to cancer.


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