A Fundraisers Storytelling Guide

by Gemma Harbias

1 October 2018

As a fellow fundraiser, I know the difficulties of raising donations. Which is why I felt the need to share my NUMBER 1 TIP!

Now, this is not the only way to raise donations. Givey has a great article here that explains other ways; https://blog.givey.com/2018/09/24/5-top-tips-when-fundraising-on-givey/

I want to share with you, what I truly believe engages your donor and as a result, increases your donations. This is….WRITE AN INSPIRING STORY!

The reason is simple. By giving a genuine story to your donors, not only shows them the story behind the fundraiser but much more. Your story can show your donors why they should support your cause and charity and how their donations can help. It can also emotionally involve them because an inspiring story is a authentic one. It’s from your heart and nothing can be more inspiring than that.

So, now that you get an idea about my number one tip when fundraising. I want to provide you with a bit more detail to help you get started.

How To Write An Inspiring Fundraising Story

  • Emotion – Don’t be afraid to show your true emotions about why you are fundraising and why this cause and charity. Your donor needs to know why you are doing this and what it means to you. Whether your emotion is sad, angry, happy or a mix of feelings, you need to show this in your story. By showing your emotion, your donor gets to experience what you see and they get to feel more engaged in your fundraising journey and their donation.
  • Your Voice – Don’t worry if you feel you can’t write well. It’s your voice, your own words that the donor needs to see. Whether your voice is light-hearted, comical or dreary, it will help you connect with your donors because it’s a real voice from a passionate fundraiser.
  • Present Your Case – Include a story within your story, about the cause. Show the donors why you feel the way you do because of what’s happening. For example; “girls in poverty can’t afford sanitary pads so they are missing out on education” Showing your case, shows your donors why they should donate and how their money will help. Remember, don’t tell them to donate, just show them.

I hope this helps you get started on your inspiring fundraising story. If you got any story telling tips, leave me a comment below. Would very much like to know what your number 1 tip is!

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